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Tablet program prepares students for the future

In a typical classroom at McNicholas High School, every student is equipped with a Tablet PC and can be seen clicking and typing away. Thirty years ago the idea would seem like something out of science fiction movie but here at Rocket High, it’s the norm. Instead of using paper and pens, students here use … Continue reading

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Students, faculty vote day off school after Super Bowl

McNicholas High School recently held its annual walk to raise money for new electronics and other much-needed school supplies.  This year’s goal exceeded $40,000, which earned a reward of a day off school. The administration gave students and faculty and staff three choices: the day after Open House, the day after the Super Bowl, and … Continue reading

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Letters defeat numbers in war for bell titles

This year at McNicholas High School, the way class bells have been ordered has gone through a drastic change. Instead of being ordered by numbers, bells are now being ordered by letters. The change has resulted in a full-scale war between the numbers and letters, and faculty/staff and students have had to pick sides. In … Continue reading

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Athletes and the importance of following the student handbook

Every year, all McNicholas students and their parents are required to sign a statement that they have read the student handbook and understand the rules and consequences if those rules are not followed. McNicholas’ student athletes have an additional set of rules to follow, especially regarding drug and alcohol use, and every student athlete should … Continue reading

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The McNicholas Milestone

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Photo of the Week

Six McNicholas seniors sign to play collegiate athletics. Class of 2016 Rockets Michaela Shepherd, Adam Hisch, Shelby Miller, Sara Crooker, Emma Heise, and Carley Scales signed on Feb. 3.


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