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Privileges prevail: Seniors gain insight on earned freedoms

With only one quarter to go, everything is changing and for the Class of 2015 that includes privileges along with graduation. With the start of the 4th quarter on March 16, the seniors were given privileges that allowed them to express college choices by wearing their college’s spirit wear along with a proposed lock-in during … Continue reading

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Women aren’t the only ones suffering from domestic violence

Whenever a story is reported of domestic violence crimes, many instantly think that a man committed the crime.  For instance, there’s the Ray Rice  (a former Baltimore Ravens NFL player) case where he allegedly physically abused his wife in an elevator.  Women, too, have the power to physically hurt someone but historically, cases of male … Continue reading

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Respect existence or expect resistance: Society’s desperate need to view women as people

According to a recent survey by Time Magazine  35% of women around the world have been the victims of sexual or physical abuse.  Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders estimates that 85-95% of people suffering from eating disorders are women. United Nations Population Fund reports that one third of girls in developing countries become child brides. The root … Continue reading

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Where is McNick Wearing? It’s time to make the switch to ethically-sourced uniforms

The date: April 24, 2013. The scene: Savar, a bustling sub-district located just outside Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Still in the early hours of a humid summer morning, thousands of Bangladeshi garment workers made their way to their stations at Rana Plaza, an eight-story commercial building in the downtown area, where local workers … Continue reading

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The McNicholas Milestone

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