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Students miss valuable time with their family due to working on the holidays

  Many people have to miss quality time with their family and friends during the holidays because of work.  A lot of jobs require their workers to work during the major “holidays” of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas Eve.  The holiday season should be a season filled with family and friends, but instead, many people … Continue reading

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The Pre-December Debate: Is it too early to celebrate Christmas?

As we draw closer to Thanksgiving, some are already looking past it…..to Christmas! The Christian season of Advent doesn’t start until Nov. 30, but many have already begun hanging up Christmas lights, shopping online, and blasting Christmas music through their radios. So, is it too early to start celebrating Christmas? In my humble opinion, this … Continue reading

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Cheating threatens every student’s academic integrity and future

While the tablet program has been beneficial to McNick’s student body as a whole, the ease of being able to send homework assignments or test questions through e-mail has certainly become an issue. Though it may be easier to simply send an e-mail than copy notes during class, it has also become easier for teachers … Continue reading

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McNicholas’ Memorial needs to be treated with respect and honor

In the courtyard between the upper parking lot and the school there is a memorial to honor the graduates of McNick who served America and gave their lives for their country, and although it seems obvious that students and others in the community need to treat the memorial with respect and reverence, that is not … Continue reading

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The McNicholas Milestone

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