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Cheating threatens every student’s academic integrity and future

While the tablet program has been beneficial to McNick’s student body as a whole, the ease of being able to send homework assignments or test questions through e-mail has certainly become an issue. Though it may be easier to simply send an e-mail than copy notes during class, it has also become easier for teachers … Continue reading

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McNicholas’ Memorial needs to be treated with respect and honor

In the courtyard between the upper parking lot and the school there is a memorial to honor the graduates of McNick who served America and gave their lives for their country, and although it seems obvious that students and others in the community need to treat the memorial with respect and reverence, that is not … Continue reading

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McNicholas vs. Big D1 Schools: Rockets compete with the best

The theme around McNicholas is that the sports teams cannot always compete with the bigger, Division I schools.  That belief is completely false, and the attitude of the student body should be that McNicholas can compete and win against any school. McNicholas has shown this fall that they can compete with the bigger schools in … Continue reading

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Parking lot etiquette: Basic rules disregarded daily, students put at risk

The 2014-2015 school year is but a month in and already, problems in the parking lot exist. Student drivers flock to their parking spots every morning, only to be obstructed by the increased number of parents dropping off anywhere and students walking across the line of traffic. While parents and students have been informed of … Continue reading

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The McNicholas Milestone

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