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Living Below the Line: My experience surviving on $1.50 per day

For the second year in a row, my interest in philanthropy led me to partake in the annual Live Below the Line Challenge, during which I freely choose to eat and drink on a budget of $1.50 per day in order to live in solidarity with the 1.2 billion people across the globe who live … Continue reading

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Zoos should cater more to saving animals, not the entertainment of people

During a recent field trip the local zoo with my classmates, I found it especially difficult to concentrate on my assignment for the day when I was confronted by the lost, tired gaze of an orangutan in the African animals exhibit.  While my fellow classmates snapped their pictures of the animal, many of them failed … Continue reading

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Teens spend more time staring at selfies than important aspects of life

Everyone has spent numerous hours on Twitter, Instagram and endless more apps and social media sites, but have you ever thought to think about different ways to spend your time?  When our parents were growing up they spent their time playing kickball or playing four square with their neighbors, but it seems like the only … Continue reading

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Bombs Away: A short review of Sheppard’s debut album

Recently on popular radio stations, Sheppard has debuted their hit song, “Geronimo.” Now, the band has released their first full album, Bombs Away, featuring many upbeat and pop- sounding tunes which are sure to find their ways into the hearts and minds of those who hear them. Geronimo This upbeat song kicks off the CD … Continue reading

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The McNicholas Milestone

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Photo of the Week

Sophomore Natalie Martinez was a big part in putting together Gifts for Hope. Gifts for Hope is where the students at McNicholas put together a box of Christmas gifts for poor teens.


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