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Bound by pride: Defending the egotism of Ohio State fans

For those who have not yet experienced what it feels like to be a piece of a thousand, passionate fans encircled around the brightly and consistently scarlet-and-gray-colored masses, all cheering for a common purpose, it may all seem a bit trivial.  For one, these fans get into this.  No, they don’t just get into this … Continue reading

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Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: Which is the better buy?

Christmas break is 16 days long this school year and it is one of the longest Christmas Breaks that McNick students can possibly have. This means that students have plenty of time to “binge watch” critically acclaimed shows that all of their friends have recommended as well as classic movies and television shows from years … Continue reading

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The Great and Terrible F-Word: Exploring society’s disdain for, and desperate need of feminism

On Nov. 12, journalist Katy Steinmetz, a writer for Time magazine, asked the world a simple question in the form of a poll: “What word should be banned in 2015?” Options included: “bae,” “basic,” “bossy,” “kale,” and “feminist.” Wait. Is it just me, or is one of these choices not like the others? With 45% … Continue reading

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Students miss valuable time with their family due to working on the holidays

  Many people have to miss quality time with their family and friends during the holidays because of work.  A lot of jobs require their workers to work during the major “holidays” of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas Eve.  The holiday season should be a season filled with family and friends, but instead, many people … Continue reading

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The McNicholas Milestone

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