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Senior Eric Frey takes McNick by storm

McNicholas High School’s class of 2015 is full of interesting and talented people. Every one of them has plenty to offer the community. The Milestone took the time to highlight Eric Frey in particular. Over the last couple of years he has become a major fixture his class, including being recently voted to Mardi Gras … Continue reading

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Traditions make students proud Rockets

McNicholas High School’s traditions make both current and former students and teachers feel something special. With each year, there have been those traditions that have left the halls of McNick, but not the memories of the alumni. There are also those traditions that have continued to thrive and give each new generation of students a … Continue reading

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A First-Timer’s Guide to Mardi Gras: The do’s and don’ts of McNick’s biggest night

So it’s your first Mardi Gras. Congratulations! Not only does this mean that you’ve survived a pretty significant chunk of your freshman year, it means that you’re about to witness McNicholas tradition in action, with all its pageantry, grandeur, sore feet, and awkward slow dances included. This isn’t just any high school dance. Here at … Continue reading

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Milestone asks, readers responds: Reporting the stories Rockets want to read

Before Thanksgiving, the Milestone Staff appealed to the student body for ideas for future stories by placing an interactive banner in the back of the café. The responses were heard and below are the stories Rockets have asked to see. Fries: curly or short? Okay, so the McNick café doesn’t have curly fries frequently enough … Continue reading

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