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Alumni Manager keeps the Rocket family together

In November, the Class of 2009 celebrated their reunion. On the second Saturday of every month, the Alumni Bowling League meets for a few games at Cherry Grove. In May, the Alumni Golf League will begin. The calendar is full of events organized just so that the graduating classes of McNicholas High School can stay … Continue reading

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Uncovering books to read before they hit the big screen

Serena This book follows the story of a man and his wife working amidst the environmental movement in North Carolina in the 1930s.  On top of this, the couple finds their lives entangled within the operations of their lumber yard, which was more than just a bit unsupported by the public at that time. Movie … Continue reading

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McNicholas families celebrate Christmas with unique traditions

Christmas is right around the corner, and McNick families are preparing with a few odd traditions. After asking around, the Milestone compiled the top four unique Christmas traditions. Pickle Ornaments                  Sophomore Katie Schoolfield’s family gathers around the Christmas tree at her grandpa’s house to search for two non-traditional ornaments: Two pickles, a big one and … Continue reading

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What would you do differently? Student body takes over McNick

At McNick, many students feel very strongly about the policies that are held high by the current school administrators.  In a recent poll sent to students, they were asked one simple question: If you ran McNick, what would you do differently? Numerous students said that they would cut the policy of wearing uniforms, while other … Continue reading

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