“The Greatest Show on Earth”: Homecoming 2011 lives up to its theme

Seniors Rex Zhihao Cao and Andrea Brides were in the spotlight of “The Greatest Show on Earth” when crowned Homecoming king and queen on Saturday, Sept. 24.

The week-long Homecoming celebration began on Monday, Sept. 19, Pajama Day, with junior Kathryn Scheidler sporting her footie pajamas. The senior class was the biggest group of look-a-likes on Wednesday for Multiplicity Day, wearing sweatpants and tie dyed t-shirts.

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Juniors Elise Moeller, Francine Wright, and Maria Clark painted their faces yellow for color clash day on Thursday, Sept. 22.

To add to the festivities of Homecoming Week, Spirit Club organized lunchtime carnival games, such as finding a Hershey’s kiss in a whipped cream pie and to see who could get an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles. “I liked the whip cream pie game because it was something we’ve never done before at school,” senior Max Harmon said.

Spirit Week concluded with a pep rally before the Walk on Friday morning. The Homecoming court was presented in pairs, wearing circus costumes such as mimes, bearded ladies, and strongmen.

“[Seniors] Stephanie Schmidt as the magician and Luke Eveler as the bunny were my favorite because I thought it was a really clever idea,” sophomore Sarah Collette said.

After the pep rally ended, students walked four miles in the rain. “Walk Day had miserable conditions this year because it was really cold and rainy,” junior Danny Poole said. However, McNick exceeded its goal of $40,000 by bringing in a total of $41,183.72.

On Sept. 24, the McNicholas football team lost to the Chaminade – Julienne Eagles with a score of 35 to 10. At halftime, Mr. Brian Combs announced the junior class’s winning float and Homecoming king and queen, Cao and Bridges.

The varsity football game was followed by the annual Homecoming Dance from 8 p.m-12 a.m. “I had fun at Homecoming because I got to let loose of stress from school and have fun with my friends,” sophomore Elise Whitesell said.

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