Don’t clutter mass day with clothes; uniforms more convenient, comfortable, community-oriented

Attention students: Mass day is coming up, so it’s time to start planning out your outfits now. 

One of the privileges of going to a Catholic school is getting to go to church one day out of the month. However, in order to go to church we need to be “appropriately dressed.”  This involves picking out an outfit that meets the dress code, while still fitting your style.

“I like wearing something unique to show that it’s a special day for God, but I don’t like how we have to pick something out,” junior Abigail Block said.

The rules can be pretty strict, and the teachers jump all over it when a student is not following the handbook’s rules, but it is hard for girls to find knee-length skirts and high-cut dresses that they still like and don’t feel self-conscious wearing.

“I would rather wear my uniform because most of my clothes don’t fit the mass attire rules,” freshman Shannon Gibbons said.  Not to mention that the church clothes can get uncomfortable, making it difficult to focus during the rest of the school day.

The focus on mass day attire has become both a distraction from the day and an  open invitation to judge someone based on appearance, but the day should be centered on God, and not what everyone is wearing.

So why not just wear uniforms on mass day? Uniforms show community and a strong bond amongst McNicholas. It would also be more convenient, more comfortable, and less expensive.

Mass day is supposed to be a holy day, so why clutter it with clothes?

About Alex Sharkey

Junior Alex Sharkey is a Journalism I student and a staff reporter. She plays volleyball for McNicholas and is involved in Ecology Club and Service Club. Alex also likes to play basketball and softball. In her free time she enjoys swimming and hanging out with her friends.


One thought on “Don’t clutter mass day with clothes; uniforms more convenient, comfortable, community-oriented

  1. yay good job alex! you go girl!

    Posted by Anonymous | October 4, 2011, 2:35 pm

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