McNicholas holds E-Waste Poster Contest

ewaste winners
As a part of the Digital Citizenship Day at McNicholas, science teachers assigned students to research electronic waste (e-waste) and to then present their research via posters. The idea, which Biology teacher Lauren Wulker came up with, was originally an idea from Ecology Club last year.

“We just thought that you use so many electronics, and we put these tablets in your hands, but never are told what we need to do with them when we’re done with them,” Wulker said. All posters were displayed in the library and judged by teachers on content and creativity. First place went to junior Sydney Baker; second place was awarded to the team of senior Ashley Dundon, senior Claire Griffiths, and junior Anna Pierce; and Emily Fortin’s poster came in third place.

Baker said making the poster and doing the project helped her pay more attention to a major problem.
“I think this is something that we commonly overlook,” Baker said. “We focus on whatever is the newest thing and we fail to remember recycling could be beneficial to others. The cliché ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ really applies to e-waste.”

The winners were given extra credit and free LaRosa’s pizza for lunch, but Wulker said that it was more of an incentive, and a lot more can be gained from this than just lunch. “We as a school need to take responsibility for the waste that we produce,” Wulker said.

There is now a 55-gallon container available in the library to collect old, broken, and unwanted electronic devices. The e-waste posters will remain up for some time and will serve as a way to advertise the e-waste collection.

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