McNicholas’ Memorial needs to be treated with respect and honor

In the courtyard between the upper parking lot and the school there is a memorial to honor the graduates of McNick who served America and gave their lives for their country, and although it seems obvious that students and others in the community need to treat the memorial with respect and reverence, that is not always happening.

The memorial pays tribute to five graduates, Marty Mugavin (’65), Greg Iding (’65), Joe Berning (’69), Chuck Kiser (’85), and Nick Erdy (’02) and was dedicated May 15, 2009. The memorial became a reality by the McNicholas Memorial Committee, which consists of family members of the soldiers as well as other members of the McNicholas community. There will be a re-dedication of the memorial this Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

The McNick community needs to respect it and do its best to keep it clean. If there is trash around it, pick it up and throw it away. Students should not leave backpacks, water bottles, or other possessions laying around it. When walking by the memorial, there is a star on the ground, and students used to walk around the star as opposed to over it, but students have forgotten that ‘tradition’.

Senior Nick Keri said, “I haven’t really paid attention to [the star]. I used to freshman year, but I have kind of forgotten about it.”

The memorial stands as a reminder of the people that have served in the United States Armed Forces. In honor of those people and their sacrifices for others, it is the obligation of everyone to treat it with respect.

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