Students and staff share Halloween plans, favorites

Halloween, a favorite holiday of many, is Sunday, Oct. 31. In a recent Milestone survey, students as well as facultyshared their favorite candy, movie, characters as well their plans for the day made for spooking.

Favorite Halloween Candy

Out of 67 responses, 28 responded that Reese’s candy was their favorite candy.

Freshman Eric Reinhart said Almond Joy was his favorite candy, while fellow freshman Nathan Bruns said he preferred “Mike and Ikes.”  Going with a time-tested favorite was Fr. Kevin Scalf, who said his favorite was a “Hershey’s chocolate bar.”

Favorite Halloween Movie

Movies with a true scare value won the category for McNicholas students and staff.  Freshman Jacob Gundrum said he liked Sixth Sense “because of the quotes that are in it.”

Sophomore Amanda Braig said she preferred a movie a little less realistic. “I like Coraline because I just think it’s hilarious that it was created and marketed to be a children’s movie, when in actuality, the movie is kind of horrifying,” Braig said.   

Favorite Halloween Character

Even though many said they preferred scary movies as a favorite, the category of favorite characters provided a different focus with The Great Pumpkin from the Charlie Brown favorite by the same name. The horror movie characters proved not to be favorites like the movies where they appear.

Plans for Halloween

English teacher Mrs. Angie Noble said she plans to spend Halloween “passing out candy during our neighborhood trick or treat, making a fire pit after trick or treat, enjoying time with my family, and reading late into the night since we don’t have school on Monday.”

Sophomore Langley Esterle said her plans include, “Going to the game on Friday, going to a friend’s house Saturday, then going to another friend’s house on Sunday.”

Halloween Costume Choices

Junior Danielle Dietz said plans to dress up as Princess Leia “because I like Star Wars.”

Sophomore Kylee MacDonald said she is “going to be a care bear because my friends and I wanted to have one big group, and we wanted to do one costume, and this worked best.”

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