Makerspace finds new home in STEAM hallway

The McNicholas Makerspace, a room for student use that houses many different technologies such as a 3D printer, VR, a poster printer, a laminator, programs not installed on students’ tablets, arts and crafts, and even LEGO’s, was recently moved from its former home in the English hallway to the junior hallway – or STEAM hallway – at the beginning of October.  

The Makerspace was installed in the English hallway in 2018, but because of its location it hasn’t seen a lot of usage in the last two years. This prompted Librarian Mrs. Chelsea Almer and Director of Educational Technology Mrs. Emily Materna to have it moved into a place where it would see more usage and have a more open space. Materna said the move was important because it needs to be “a room that students can come to, to try out and use those tools.”

 This idea resulted in the Makerspace being moved into the STEAM hallway in the beginning of October.

“I’m really happy with the move and where it is now too. I think it’s a much more accessible place and for some reason even though the rooms, I think, are about the same size, I feel like it looks so much better up here,” Almer said.

They both have confirmed that the move to the STEAM hallway was a good choice as they have seen a lot more usage with all of the different technologies since the move.

Almer also said that the Makerspace can be used by students when reserved in advance, and that anyone interested in using it should contact her. Materna also said that they’re always open to new suggestions for the Makerspace and encourages students to keep the communication open with them about how to continue to use and add to the Makerspace.

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