Senior Eric Frey takes McNick by storm

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McNicholas High School’s class of 2015 is full of interesting and talented people. Every one of them has plenty to offer the community. The Milestone took the time to highlight Eric Frey in particular. Over the last couple of years he has become a major fixture his class, including being recently voted to Mardi Gras court. Frey brings his unique personality a slew of activities.

Frey has partaken in a massive amount of activities in his high school career. Here’s a list, just to name a few:
• Liturgy Choir
• Band
• Member of the band Finished Falling
• Cross Country
• Track
• Rocket Report
• Peer Mentoring
• Ski Club
• Musical (Damn Yankees)

Frey was a three year member of the marching band, but made the decision to quit his senior year so he could be involved in some new things.

“I’ve always wanted to do cross country, even since freshman year, but I’ve been busy with band,” Frey said. “When it came to my senior year and it was either cross country, August Kairos, and Appalachia, or just band, I chose the former. I could have done everything, but I also enjoy sleep.” Although he went on to be the fastest McNick cross country runner in five seasons, he struggled to make the decision to leave band.

“It was kind of hard giving up marching band given the success of the previous year, but I still got to participate in concert, jazz, and pep band, so I believe that the pros greatly outweighed the cons,” Frey said. “Although it’s not verbalized, in any activity there’s an expectation that you’ll continue to do it next year, especially as a senior where clubs look for leadership. However in retrospect, I’m confident that I made the right decision because I had a blast doing the other activities. High school is only four years, so I might as well do what I want to do and not worry about what I’m supposed to do.”

Frey also branched out and decided to take part in theater as an actor the first time this year. The result was the lead role in the winters musical Damn Yankees.

“Acting was a new thing for me,” Frey said. “I found out that it required a pretty full understanding of the play as a whole, my character, and individual lines in order to succeed.” He has also been shocked by the difficulty of acting and preparing for the performance.

“Whereas sports require mostly physical exertion, things such as theatre or band require more mental focus,” Frey said. “The rehearsal hours, especially leading up to the show, are much longer than most high school activities. For example, [one day] we rehearsed from 12-10. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do it.”

In the future, Eric plans to attend the College of Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati to follow his dream of a career in music. His target degree, Commercial Music Production, is applicable in a broad area of professions. Frey plans to take every opportunity he’s given in order to start working in the music industry. To sum up his approach to the future, Frey quotes one of his favorite musicians, George Watsky.

“Don’t know where to go to go far/ But if I go then I know I should go hard.”

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