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McNick melts in humid heat

With classes starting at the end of August and ending at the end of May, McNicholas High School must endure a variety of weather and temperatures, which includes hot, sunny, and humid days of summer. With the school having to endure these conditions, one would expect that it would be properly air conditioned. However, McNick … Continue reading

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Movies you should watch: Four films that may have slipped by your radar

Film is a great medium that suffers from a major problem, which is that so little of film is revisited by people. Most people end up seeing about four to twelve movies a year and rarely, if ever, revisit them. This leads to a hole where some great films never get the due credit they deserve … Continue reading

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Books you should read : Five fascinating books to enjoy

Since Gutenberg made the printing press, books became the dominant form of media to spread knowledge in the world. It’s a simple medium that does not require much to create and publish so there are literally billions of books. This also means that there are loads and loads of crap that you have to sift … Continue reading

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Together is better; coed sports for the win

A modern debate that is slowly inching its controversial conversation across society is one that could soon burst through into mainstream discussion. The debate is over whether organized sports should be coed or not. The three main points to this argument are concerns with safety, fairness and performance, and making contact in contact sports. The … Continue reading

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Photo of the Week

Students color a mandala during Activity Lunch in the McNicholas library. Activity Lunches, held every Wednesday in the library, include activities such as coloring, puzzles, and other activities. McNicholas Assistant Librarian Jane Ray says that the activities give students an opportunity to relax and relieve themselves of any stress during the day.


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