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When clowns attack? Clowns invoking fear isn’t funny

With the 2016 Presidential Election just one month away and the war on terror still raging on, the biggest issue the nation seems to be facing is the threat of clowns. According to the Inquisitor the clowns began to appear in 2014 after a husband and wife duo conducted a year-long photography project in Wasco, … Continue reading

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Ageism shows in lawsuit against Obama Administration

As societies have advanced, prejudices have been recognized as immoral, and are slowly fading out of mass culture. However, there is still one that has not begun fading, and that is ageism. Ageism is prejudice based on a person’s age, and is unfortunately present in modern society, rooted in government. It isn’t as blatant as … Continue reading

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McNick melts in humid heat

With classes starting at the end of August and ending at the end of May, McNicholas High School must endure a variety of weather and temperatures, which includes hot, sunny, and humid days of summer. With the school having to endure these conditions, one would expect that it would be properly air conditioned. However, McNick … Continue reading

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Movies you should watch: Four films that may have slipped by your radar

Film is a great medium that suffers from a major problem, which is that so little of film is revisited by people. Most people end up seeing about four to twelve movies a year and rarely, if ever, revisit them. This leads to a hole where some great films never get the due credit they deserve … Continue reading

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Freshmen pour colored candle wax on their class candle at their Freshmen Day of Renewal. The retreat took place Oct 19 on the McNick campus.


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