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Rewind 2016: Looking back at last year

The year of 2016 was a year filled many changes both in the U.S. and worldwide. New technology was released, new political leaders elected, and several tragedies stamped the year that made 2016. January The year started off with the death of famous singer, songwriter, and actor David Bowie on Jan. 10, after his 18-month … Continue reading

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Homework overload overloads students

A common complaint among students is that they are overloaded with homework — a true, yet unfortunate, statement. While homework can be conducive to learning in some cases when presented in moderation, a homework overload isn’t helpful nor productive. A 2013 study from Stanford University published in The Journal of Experimental Education found that high … Continue reading

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Giving up meat: Rockets discuss vegetarianism

The vegetarian diet has become popular over the years because of the emphasis from medical professionals to maintain a balanced diet. Some might choose this diet for more personal or moralistic reasons but either way, a vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat, and they might not eat fish or poultry as well. Many … Continue reading

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Ridiculous gifts storm the Christmas market

Typical Christmas gifts that one might receive include new phones, clothes, or even shoes.  This year, however, some of the gifts on the market are ridiculous, and have been selling at a ridiculous rate.  Here are several of the more surprising gift ideas this year: Nordstrom’s Leather Wrapped Stone This item, listed at $85, has … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Center Easts visits McNicholas from Jan. 17 - 20. The Center presents to all freshman theology classes about the consequences of abortion and reproductive health.

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