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Liturgy Choir plans worship; seeks new members

Every all-school mass day there are over 20 students who choose to participate in a different way than the rest of their peers. Not only do they Dr. Loretta Graner, the teacher of AP Music Theory and Liturgy Choir, described Liturgy Choir as “students leading worship through music.” According to Graner, the choir performs for … Continue reading

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McNick teacher plays ‘lowd’ on bagpipes

By Faith Miller Social Studies teacher Frank Lowden is more than just a teacher; he is also a bagpiper extraordinaire. One of the most notable places students will see Lowden playing is during the first all school mass each year as he leads the freshman procession into Guardian Angels church. He also plays at the … Continue reading

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Counseling and College Readiness: Inside look on McNicholas High School’s school counselors

By Abbey Pour Seeing school counselors may seem like a daunting task, but McNicholas’ counselors, Kaitlyn Richter, Alaina Way, and Matt Wehrman make it easy. Richter, Way and Wehrman help students beyond their academic needs, and are at McNick not only to give advice, but to lend an ear to students in need. In previous … Continue reading

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Late dog brings joy to 1960s McNicholas students

By Isabella Daley Snakes, turtles, and fish may be common class pets at many schools, but Archbishop McNicholas High School could say it once had a dog as a school pet. This dog, Morgan, was a basset hound that lived in a neighborhood close to McNicholas and began roaming around the school in the late … Continue reading

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Photo of the Week

Seniors Mitch Kling and Haley Adkins are crowned Homecoming King and Queen at the Sept. 30 Homecoming game against the Caroll Patriots. The Rockets defeated the Patriots 28-0.