What’s in David’s Hair?: Milestone plays “Game of Life,” announces next two clue sets

“What’s in David’s Hair?” is a weekly contest held by the McNicholas Milestone, released on the first day of each school week. Each week, clues will be announced as to what item is “tucked” in the hair of Milestone reporter David Waterman, and students will submit their guess via email to Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Wynn by noon on the last day of that school week. Please only one submission per student. All correct submissions will be eligible to win, but only one of the correct submissions will be randomly chosen as the winner and will receive something “sweet” as a prize. Each release of “What’s in David’s Hair?” will include the winner of the prior week’s contest, a video reveal of the answer to the prior week’s contest, and the clues for that week’s contest. Only current students and faculty/staff of McNicholas High School are eligible.

Last week’s winner

Congratulations to Adam Blatt for winning last week’s contest! He was the only participant to answer correctly!

Last week’s answer

What has a spinning wheel, is for ages 8 and up, and doesn’t really fit in David’s hair? It’s the Game of Life!

This week’s first clues

  • This item can be found in bathrooms.
  • This item comes in many different “breeds.”
  • Despite this item’s name, it is actually made of plastic.

This week’s second clues

  • This item has a tongue and “soul.”
  • This item can’t walk, but it gets around.
  • This item is about the size of your foot.

Students and faculty/staff should email submissions to nicholas.wynn@mcnhs.org.

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