Get to know Rockets with “Name Game”

The “Name Game” asks students and staff to name their top answers to a series of random questions and has the goal of learning more about the respondents at this current moment in their lives.  Seven Rockets took part in this game and gave insights into a variety of matters.

Name your go-to snack/meal.  How often do you eat this?

No matter what diet one adheres to or what their nutrition consciousness level might be, everyone has at least one go-to snack that is sure to satisfy any mid-afternoon stomach rumblings or late night cravings.  Survey respondents let The Milestone in on what they regularly munch on.

The most popular answer to this open-ended question was chocolate.  Freshman Ruby Horgan said she consumes the sweet treat “at least once per day,” while junior Tessa Krskova indulges in it about every other day.

As for her go-to snack, junior Tara Reich said, “I really love a bagel with cream cheese.  It is my after school snack about 3 times a week.”

When it comes to her meal of choice, senior Ellie Fullerton goes for macaroni and cheese.  “I eat this almost every day at lunch,” Fullerton said.

Name the place you’d most like to visit if given the opportunity. Why this particular place?

Naturally, when desires for these delectable delights become simply unbearable, one must search far and wide for a suitable site to feast on their food findings.  Again, there was a single answer that was named twice as much as any other selection: the Oceanic nation of New Zealand.  Reich said, “I want to visit New Zealand as it is such a beautiful place to hike and be in nature.”

On the island country, Krskova said, “It’s awesome there.”

Sticking to the island theme, Athletics Administrative Assistant Susan Rohlfs would like to return to Hawaii.  “I’ve been there a long time ago and want to go back.  It was the most exciting and beautiful trip I’ve ever been on,” Rohlfs said.

Fullerton broke from the theme and declared Cancun, Mexico, as her desirable destination.  “It’s so pretty [even though] I’ve never been; I’ve never been out of the country,” Fullerton said.

Senior Hailey Bell would relish in the opportunity to visit Europe.  “There’s so much history there compared to here,” she said.

Horgan beat the question and covered three continents in her hypothetical dream visit.  On where she would most like to visit, she said, “Probably Australia or Japan or the Grand Canyon.”

Name something you are nervous or worried about and explain why.

Some say writing down worries aids in alleviating anxiety.  If true, this is good news for the survey respondents.  There were three seniors polled in this survey and four of the respondents’ reported their source of nervousness and worry stem from the impending world of college.  “How is this possible?  There were only three seniors,” one might say.  Juniors are officially worried about life beyond McNicholas as well.  Reich said, “I’m nervous about choosing a college. I still have some time, but I’m worried about not finding a place I can click with or leaving school with debt.”

For some seniors who have already selected a university to call home in the fall, the prospect of new beginnings is not without its hesitations.  “I’m nervous about saying goodbye to all of my friends because we won’t know who keeps in touch and who won’t,” senior Danielle Robben said.

While it is true that the current senior class will not be roaming the halls of Rocket High next fall, there will be countless new friends waiting to be met in August.  For many, this reality can both bring about extreme excitement and be a cause of concern.  Fullerton, who will be attending Kent State University said, “I’m nervous about making new friends and finding a roommate because I want my roommate to like me.”

For those that are fortunate enough to survive the gauntlet that is college and make it to the other side, life does not stop hurling fresh challenges that must be dealt with.  Rohlfs is experiencing that truth in her own family.  She is anxious about her daughter buying a house.  “I’m worried because it is a lot of responsibility and upkeep can be very expensive,” Rohlfs said.

Name something you are most looking forward to and explain why.

“You have to be thankful that we are living.  Wherever you look is beauty.  I know about bad things, but I look for the good things” – Alice Herz-Sommer, Holocaust Survivor (1903-2014)

While it is healthy to have some fears and concerns, it is absolutely necessary to seek out the joy and excitement in life to truly thrive.

Reich said, “I’m really looking forward to going to Italy and Greece this summer as it is a trip of a lifetime. I will be able to be in such a culturally influential place with some of my closest friends.”

Rohlfs looks most forward to boating season.  “It is the most relaxing thing to do,” she said.

Krskova is also anticipating relaxing days ahead.  At the conclusion of her exchange experience at McNicholas she will be headed to Miami before returning home to the Czech Republic.  “I’ll meet my friends there and relax,” Krskova said.

Ironically but unsurprisingly, the seniors who mentioned being worried about college also list it as the source of their excitement as well.  “I will be going to a college where no one else is going and I’m excited to meet new people instead of seeing the same people every day,” Fullerton said.

Robben said, “I can’t wait to start college and experience so many new experiences.”

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