Letter from the Editor

Note from the adviser: The Milestone was led by three senior co-editors for the 2018-2019 academic year: Madison McClellan, Vinny Ramundo, and Ellie White.  Instead of a collaborative letter or three individual editor letters, the editors made the decision for Senior Vinny Ramundo to write the final editor sign-off letter to close this year of the official student online newspaper of McNicholas High School. 

Dear readers,

Life is good.

It has been a beautiful and crazy adventure here in Room 2 writing for the Milestone. From my time as a first year journalist during the election cycle of 2016, to co-editing the publication this year as a senior, I would not trade these experiences for any other class. Some of my favorite articles I worked on over the years have been conceived from service trips and unique experiences, current events, and life issues. Connecting with people through simple interviews and shared experiences and hearing feedback on my stories has reinforced my opinion that taking this class for a second year is one of the best choices I made. To the 13 reporter strong 2016 journalism staff – thank you for making my introduction to student journalism an enjoyable one.

Finally, to this year’s staff: Ellie, thank you for challenging me and being willing to engage in discussion on issues where we disagree. Dominic, thank you for bringing a new personality to the class and for always having something insightful to say. Katie, thank you for keeping me in check and letting me know my writing does not need to be and cannot ever be perfect. Maddie, thank you for tolerating me over these past four years and here’s to another four in Athens. Michael, thank you for keeping the class entertaining first semester. Lastly, thank you to Mrs. Noble for pushing me to realize my potential, giving me honest feedback, and being an understanding teacher. I am a better writer and person for having been in your classes.

I hope you have a wonderful summer and enjoy all the new articles that the 2019-2020 staff will undoubtedly have in store for you come this fall. As for me, I plan on writing for The Post at Ohio University and am looking forward to life’s next chapter.

Vinny Ramundo

Co-editor-in-chief of The McNicholas Milestone

Class of 2019

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