Teacher Feature: Mr. Thomas Mangione

McNicholas High School’s new math teacher is Thomas Mangione who joined the faculty for the 2022-23 school year. Mangione went to Asbury University for his bachelor’s degree and now is going to Xavier University for his Masters. 

When he started college, Mangione decided to study Audio Production a major for studying recording and editing audio, but Mangione said “I missed doing math.” So, he decided to switch his major to become a math teacher.  

 Two teachers said he was not good enough for math which really discouraged him which is why Mangione did not major as a math teacher from the start.  

Mangione said, “I can transform lot of that hurt that I got back in high school and college and use that to make people feel less hurt.” He really cares about his students and wants them to enjoy his class. 

Mangione said “the Catholic Church led me to all these different things. I can see things start to make sense over time and realize that I have the power to come back from those tough circumstances. Mangione was struggling but with his faith, life improved. 

After college, he received the job at McNicholas High School as a Math Teacher. Mangione teaches 60 kids. The classes that he teaches are Geometry 1 and Algebra 1. This is his first year as a full-time teacher. 

Mangione teaching his Geometry class during G Bell.

Carter Kent said, “I love the energy that he brings to class. “This shows how he wants his class to be fun and people to learn as well. 

Mangione said “I teach a lot of awesome kids.”

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