Back to school: News on the new year

As students return to McNick, they probably expect a few basic changes: growth spurts over the summer, new shoes, and incoming freshmen. But this year, they were also greeted by many unexpected changes within McNick. To help everyone keep track, The Milestone has come up with a list of the biggest changes:

  1. The Cafeteria: Derringer Company is now in charge of the McNick cafeteria and offers a whole new variety of exciting meal options. Starting soon, students will be able to purchase all their meals on an electronic kiosk with pre-paid accounts. Click here to take a look at the everyday menu.
  2. Teachers: Along with brand new teachers, many of the returning teachers have moved positions. This year, Mr. Dan Rosenbaum is the Director of Curriculum, Ms. Lizanne Ingram is the Director of Academic  Services and Enrollment, Mrs. Val Combs  teaches in the SAIL Department, and Ms. Ashley  Markesbery is a full-time teacher in the English Department.
  3. New Principal: For the 2011-2012 school year, McNick welcomes Ms. Patricia A. Beckert as its new principal.  Click here for a brief bio of Beckert.
  4. Eco Club Garden: Continuing their project from last year, the Eco Club is going to maintain the community garden located in upper lot. This year, the garden is in full bloom and even edible. Stop by an Eco Club meeting for more information on how to get involved.
  5. Senior Lunch Privileges: Although seniors have always had special privileges, some of them are going on throughout the year instead of just fourth quarter. All year round, seniors will be able to eat lunch in the courtyard, use the senior express line for lunch, and go off campus during their lunch every Monday as long as they have a permission slip on file in the main office.
  6. Gym and Library Use: Since the lunch bell is 48 minutes long, many students like to leave the cafeteria early to study or hang out with friends. This year, McNick has allowed the library to students who want to quietly do work, and the gym to students who want to socialize with their friends.
  7.  Hallway Chalkboard: Located in between the cafeteria and glass hallway, the new chalkboard is open to all appropriate artwork. Students can draw, write shout-outs, advertise club meetings, encourage people to come to the next football game, or whatever McNick-themed message they’d like.
  8. Tablets: Students graduating in 2014 and 2015 now have the option to use school-issued tablet PCs, enabling them to easily transport work and communicate with teachers. These tablets are used in place of notebooks, hard copy writing assignments, scrap paper, some textbooks, and even calculators.

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