New café comes to McNick: Is it a hit or miss?

There have been a lot of changes to the McNicholas campus over the summer, but the change that has everyone buzzing is new food service in the café.

Over the summer the old café was converted by Derringer Company from homemade goods to processed foods and there have been a lot of complaints from the teachers and students alike.  “The reason for the change was because the old cafeteria was going under as far as the budget was concerned,” Principal Patty Beckert said.

Sophomore Ellen Uhl said what she misses most about the old cafeteria is the cookies. “They were the highlight of my day,” Uhl said.


Junior Kevin Williams agreed about the cookies, but said that he likes not having to carry money with Derringer’s new kiosk system.

There are currently only two check-out kiosks in the café. “I would like to get more kiosks to help move the line faster,” Uhl said.

In an email message replying to concerns presented by Student Council, a spokesperson from Derringer Company said that they are trying to get the thumbprint identifier to move faster, so that the line can move faster, too. Derringer Company also replied that they are looking into creating a poster-sized price list for the students to reference when making choices.  

Many students and faculty also just miss the love and connection that we had acquired with the old café. Senior Courtney Lindsay said that she misses Mary the lunch lady the most, who usually worked the cold-item line. “She always brightened up my day,” Lindsay said.

Students seem to be adjusting to the new company. “I think [the students are adapting], but they still have a long way to go,” Beckert said.

4 thoughts on “New café comes to McNick: Is it a hit or miss?

  1. The food is bland and overpriced. And has anyone else noticed all the styrofoam? Just sayin’. This years has seriously motivated me to pack my lunch, or go out to eat more often. Also, I miss the cookies and the nice ladies 😦

  2. Nasty food, unreliable food schedules…all I’ll say is that I used to be able to buy pizza for lunch every day for the past two years. Those days are clearly gone.

    I’m not giving them a single cent of my money this year.

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