Fall TV preview: 6 shows worth DVRing

Let’s face it, with demanding schedules and little time, McNicholas students won’t get to watch every one of the new fall TV shows and pick their favorites. So, The Milestone Online investigated the schedule and selected a few that we thought were most worthwhile of your downtime. If something catches your interest, you can click on the show title to view a trailer.

Dance Moms

Wednesdays @ 10 on Lifetime

Lifetime’s Dance Moms is all the rage this season, with addicting episodes that people of all ages can’t stop watching. Dance Moms is about a strict and expensively-run dance studio, where the moms and psychotic studio owner seem to care more about the young children’s dance careers than the kids do. Even if you are not a dancer, I guarantee you’ll be shocked by their outrageous behavior and catch yourself laughing out loud.

Modern Family

Wednesdays @ 9 on ABC

ABC’s Modern Family has returned for its third season. This satirical comedy focuses on one extended family, portraying the different points of view of the three individual families in it. This “modern” take on family life is brilliant, capturing every hilarious moment that is often realized in our own families at home. If you’re a fan of “The Office” or “The Middle,” this comedy is definitely one to watch.


Tuesdays @ 11 on MTV

MTV’s new hit, Awkward, presents the life of a 15-year-old high school girl, Jenna, who gains immediate, yet unwanted popularity after she has an accident that the students mistake for a suicide attempt. If you like the movie “Juno,” you’ll like this series, as Juno has much as the same dorky and awkward characteristics as Jenna does. The writers do an excellent job of incorporating both comedy and emotion at the right times. The viewer is never left disappointed, with plenty of awkward situations and heartfelt moments to capture the attention of viewers of all ages.

The Mentalist

Thursdays @ 10 on CBS

Debuting in 2008, CBS’s The Mentalist is considered a newer crime drama. Starring Simon Baker and “Prison Break’s” Robin Tunney, this show tells the story of a well-known psychic who joins the California Bureau of Investigation in order to find “Red John,” the madman who killed his wife and daughter. Unlike other crime dramas, “The Mentalist” goes back to the old Sherlock Holmes way of solving mysteries. Instead of using modern technology, Baker’s character uses the “hunch” and “instinct” methods of solving crime.


Wednesdays @ 10 on ABC

ABC’s Revenge follows the plotline of a young woman, Emily, whose innocent father was murdered when she was just a little girl, deceived by the woman he was in love with. In order to get revenge on those behind his death, Emily enters into their high-class community, not allowing anyone to know who she truly is.  She becomes close with those around her, only wanting to achieve revenge in the end. This attention-grabbing, new drama is easy to catch up on, with only two episodes under its belt.

Vampire Diaries

Thursdays @ 8 on the CW

For everyone who is a diehard “Twilight” fan, the CW’s Vampire Diariesis the series for you. The show has a very similar plot to “Twilight,” but adds werewolves and witches into the mix. Elena played by Nina Dobrev lets go of her normal teenage lifestyle when she falls in love with Stefan played by Paul Wesley. Throughout the storyline, they constantly battle Clause, “the most powerful vampire of them all” in order to gain freedom of a dangerous and all-too-cautious life. Although it sounds cheesy, this drama is addicting and particularly well-suited for teenage girls because of its high school atmosphere.

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