7 shoes every girl needs to survive at McNick

High school can be hard enough for teenage girls as they try to manage the pressures of school, work, extracurriculars, dating, and cliques. They don’t need to worry about what’s on their feet. So, here are seven types of shoes every girl will need to survive high school.

Sperry’s/ Boat shoes

Whether it’s the traditional brown, or the fun and flirty prints like plaid, floral, and tie-dye, Sperry’s are a great shoe for school.  “I wear Sperry’s every day both for comfort and fashion,” sophomore Rachel Ecker said.



Moccasins have the same comfort of slippers, but are a little more dressy. They have faux fur on the inside to keep your feet warm on cold days. “Moccasins are my go-to shoe. I wear them at school and usually keep them on even when I get home,” freshman Grace Westerkamp said.


Uggs/ Boots

Uggs are comfy and keep your feet toasty warm. They look fantastic when paired with a cute pair of leggings underneath the uniform skirt. They come in neutral colors like brown, gray, or black but also come in more flamboyant colors. Junior Maggie Luther said, “I have the short brown Uggs and I wear them everywhere just to keep my feet warm!”


Gym shoes/ Sneakers

Once for working out, gym shoes have become more of an everyday shoe. Nike, Adidas, and New Balance are popular brands among McNicholas students. “I like wearing my Nike gym shoes mostly for comfort, but also to look good,” freshman Meghan Baker said.



Despite the discomfort, flats are the shoes a lot of girls wear on mass day. Fortunately, stores sell special socks for flats, so that nothing distracts others from how cute the shoes are. “I wear flats on mass day and on special occasions, but they make your feet cold so I usually wear cute socks with them,” sophomore Emily Feldkamp said.



Heels not only make you look taller, but can also give you confidence and add a final touch to your look. Because they are a little hard to walk in, most girls only wear heels special occasions, but they can also dress up an everyday outfit. “I love heels! I wear them usually every weekend. They are fashionable and some are comfortable,” senior Evelyn Loving said.


Rain Boots

The name says it all. They are great boots for students to wear in the rain and bad weather. While only recently becoming popular, rain boots have quickly spread and are the most eccentric of all the other shoes. “I love how stylish, funky, and different rain boots are,” junior Katie Weiler said.


Whether its boots, flats, or sneakers, wearing different types of shoes while going to a Catholic school turns out to be a great way for students to express their uniqueness.

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