McNicholas helps maintain clean community

On Saturday, Oct. 22, 53 students represented McNicholas at the Mt. Washington Make a Difference Day.  Sponsored  by the Mt. Washington Service League, this day was the final community cleanup of the year.  The volunteers met at the New York New York Fresh Deli and cleaned the business district in Mt. Washington from 8 a.m. to noon.

“I read about ‘Make a Difference Day’ in the Forest Hills Journal, and I thought that it would be good to do something in our own community. We do a lot of things to our east and far west,” Service Club Moderator Mr. Sam Roflow said.

The streets that were cleaned included Beacon Street, Corbly Road, Sutton Avenue, the streets behind Mt. Washington Kroger, and the streets on the other side of Kroger to Stanbery Park.  

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Volunteers also cleaned parts of Stanbery Park and cut vines, honeysuckle, and other vegetation in the woods that gets in the way of the growth of smaller trees.

Many students feel that it’s important to be active in their surrounding community.

“I was really happy we got to help out, because just how I want McNick to look nice, I also want the community around us to be clean and maintain a good environment. Plus, I was glad we got to show how much McNicholas cares about the community of Mt. Washington,” sophomore Anna Redington said.

The McNicholas community plans to stay involved in Mt. Washington related service projects in the future. “I did make arrangements with the organizer [of Make a Difference Day] to send volunteers to a similar event in the spring around Earth Day,” Roflow said.

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