Students, staff stumped by McNicholas trivia

Before Open House on Oct. 23, student ambassadors were trained to give tours and were quizzed on facts about McNicholas.  Senior Jen Ruhe was surprised by her test results. “There are a lot of details about McNick that I think I should know, so it surprised me that I couldn’t answer a lot of the questions,” Ruhe said.

The Milestone Online wondered how student and staff results would compare to Ruhe’s and distributed similar questions to over 100 students and staff members. Here’s what we discovered:

How many acres of property is McNicholas situated on?

Including all sports fields, parking lots, school buildings, and wooded areas, it totals to about 48 acres. Only 27% of the staff and 16% of students knew the answer to this question.

What is the school motto?

The survey shows that 83% of students know the school motto, That youth may attain full stature in Christ, and 100% of the surveyed staff members do as well.

What are the official school colors?

Only 33% of students and 60% of the staff gave the correct answer green and white. Many answered yellow or gold which are used as accents to the official school colors, but aren’t official themselves.

How many staff members are alumni of McNick this year?

Only 5% of students and 7% of the staff knew that 18 staff members are McNicholas alumni. To find out who the 18 are, read McNicholas alumni-faculty describe changes to uniforms, classrooms, activities.

What is the first line of the Alma Mater?

Only 12% of students could name the opening lyric Oh Lord you call us all to be your people joined as one. Sung a handful of times per year at masses, Mardi Gras, and graduation, the alma mater apparently hasn’t stuck in student’s brains.  Teachers, on the other hand, remember it well, perhaps because many of them have been around for more than four years. 73% of the staff was able to answer this question correctly.

What are the first two lines of the fight song?

The fight song is sung at many sporting events and because sporting events are popular among students and staff, over time they have learned the lyrics. Because of this, 68% of students and 67% of teachers gave the correct answer Cheer, cheer, for McNicholas High! Bonded together that is our cry!

Try testing yourself with the questions below:


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