How to have a blast while on a budget

It’s Saturday and everyone is so excited the weekend is finally here. A group of friends are looking for an awesome way to spend their Saturday night, but they only have $10.  Here are 10 ways that 10 friends can have fun for well under $10.

 1. Play Minute to Win It:  It is a game show with outrageous one minute games using household items. One of the outrageous minute-long games is Baby Blockin’ where a person has to stack five blocks on a plate placed on their head. Go to the Minute to Win it website and find a game from the popular game show that you can recreate at home.

 2. Search for a Letterbox: Using clues found on the Letterboxing North America website, pick a location and follow the clues to a letterbox. When you reach the box you will find a book inside with a personal stamp. Once you stamp the book and write a little message saying you have been there, you and your friends will be hooked on this worldwide scavenger hunt.

 3. Hit the flea market: Shopping at a flea market can be quite an experience; there are hundreds of booths selling products like shoes, clothes, and antiques at low prices. “I love going to flea markets mainly because I love vintage clothes. I found an entire outfit once for about $10,” said junior Natalie Klein. Flea markets in the Cincinnati area can be found online.

 4. Host a  Murder Mystery: An out of the norm way to have fun is by going to The Mystery Dinner Playhouse website or The Play-Dead Murder Mysteries website, where you can find murder mystery scripts to put to use with a group of friends.

 5. Take stunning pictures:  Grab your camera and head to a locale that is full of people or scenery or both. Let your friends have fun posing with cool and interesting things or people. A good place to go is a park where there are always people and dogs around. You and friends could also pose with all the nature aspects from the park.

 6. Release balloons with a message: Balloons are very inexpensive and can be bought at a dollar store for $1. Write an  inspirational message, include your email,attach it to the balloon,andthen let it go. Maybe the person who finds the balloon will write back.

 7. Browse Stumble Upon: Stumble Upon is a free website that helps you find websites according to your interests. By using your likes and dislikes, it generates more websites for you. It’s great to just spend an afternoon “stumbling on.” From funny videos and drawings to recipes and photography, Stumble Upon has it all.

 8. Revamp old stuff:  “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” can be applied to everyone. There are always old things in the back of your closet that you don’t use, such as old or broken jewelry, an ugly sweater, or short jeans. Old jeans can be made into jean shorts, or a broken necklace into new earrings. By visiting Wonder How to students can learn how to turn old junk into brand new items.

 9. Hit the Red Box: Red Box is fairly new and has started to show up at grocery stores everywhere. It is basically a movie kiosk that rentss movies right out of the theater. Movies here are only $1.20 for one day, and there is a wide selection. A fun way to create a twist on this is you pick as many movies you want at random and watch all the movies and pull an all nighter with friends. 

 10. Create a meal: Cook dinner for your friends with only the stuff in the pantry. You can visit My Fridge Food, and check off what is in your pantry and it will generate a meal. Want everyone to join in the fun?  Ask each friend to come with 5 ingredients and turn it into a contest to see who can create the best dish using them.

 Everyone expects that greater cost means greater experience, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. This list is just 10 of hundreds of ideas that cost very little, but can be rich with experience. Students can have the time of their lives without spending even a penny.

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