Corbett’s art displayed at Indigo restaurant

Art teacher and women’s basketball coach Mr. Willy Corbett has recently expanded his talents to the outside community with his own art collection, which is displayed in Hyde Park’s Indigo Restaurant throughout the month of November.

Corbett has always wanted to do his own collection, and was finally inspired to achieve his goal by his daughter Natalie, Class of 2007, who is an aspiring graphic designer and a waitress at Indigo.

Corbett’s show is centered on the theme of “Breaking Bread” and started with a linoleum print of the Last Supper he completed as a demonstration for his Foundation Art class.

“I always choose Christian themes when demonstrating techniques in class, but this one really stuck out to me when I was thinking about what my collection would be,” Corbett said. “It seemed like a great centerpiece, especially for a collection displayed in a restaurant. Coming together for a meal is the ultimate sign of sharing, and the best way to illustrate my point.”

The collection consists of 13 pieces, all made through linoleum printmaking, a technique that cuts the design into a linoleum surface and then uses ink to impress the design onto paper or fabric. The pieces include depictions of Bible stories, personal experiences like a childhood memory of his brother eating tomato soup, a Thanksgiving meal, and some satires on food in American culture.

Corbett has spent the last couple months working on this collection, cutting prints after school and working to perfect his pieces. He also made sure to show gratitude for one of McNick’s custodians, Mr. Mike Woodruff, who assisted him in framing his art. Corbett said he enjoyed the experience immensely and hopes to continue creating personal collections.

“For my next series, I’d like to focus around my experience as a coach,” Corbett said. “I had so much fun during the whole process, and really got to remember why I love being an artist.”

Indigo is located at 2637 Erie Avenue and is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.


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