Meet McNick’s newest cafeteria lady

In October, McNicholas welcomed Ms. Debra Faulkner of the Derringer Company as the cafeteria manager. Faulkner, who prefers to be called “Ms. Deb,” said that she is “happy to be here.”

Faulkner has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years. She owned her own restaurant called Bubber’s Restaurant and Lounge (named for the nickname Faulkner’s father gave her as a child). She then worked for the Hyatt hotel chain, CHCA, and most recently, the Otto Armleder School in downtown Cincinnati. There, she cooked lunch for students from 4th grade to 8th grade.

Faulkner said that she likes working at McNick for four reasons:

  • It’s close to her home.
  • She “likes the energy” of McNick.
  • She likes that lunch is “the favorite time of the day” for McNick students.
  • “There are very nice people here.”

Faulkner said that she is trying to make many changes to the new café. While she is taking suggestions, she said that she is trying to have more salad choices, cookies every day, more fresh food items, and improved beverage choices because she “wants to give [the students] what [they] want.” She said the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and other new chip varieties were suggested by students after school.

Finally, Faulkner really wants to emphasize that she wants to be called Ms. Deb because “Ma’am is killing me.”

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