Crosstown shootout embarrassment to Cincinnati

The Crosstown Shootout. Those three words embody so much for the city of Cincinnati and its college sports atmosphere. It is the perfect climax of the good-natured rivalry between the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University, and for 86 years, has brought the community of Cincinnati together with competition. However, this year’s game on December 10 was marred by an embarrassing brawl between UC and XU players.

In the aftermath of the brawl, and after all the apologies, McNicholas teacher and 1978 Xavier grad Sam Roflow said, “I think to prosecute someone over this is silly. It seems like this is an attempt by the prosecutor to gain publicity over a very unfortunate situation.”

The Ohio prosecutor said he would bring charges against those involved in a “criminal way.” He never did end up actually filing any charges against those involved.

So, as the circus that was this fight and its aftermath comes to an end, the city would be silly not to have another Crosstown Shootout. The NCAA suspended them, and they are just college athletes who have hopefully learned their lessons.  Xavier suffered through their trip to Hawaii without Holloway, losing two of three games there. They then came back home and lost more games before getting Mark Lyons back, ultimately dropping them out of the Associated Press Top 25 poll. The University of Cincinnati proved that they can win without their stars, as they’ve been beating their opponents, with or without Yancy Gates.

Hopefully the 86 year tradition of the Crosstown Shootout will not come to an end just because of the poor choices of a few players.  Instead, future players should use this as an example of what not to do and work to bring respect back to the game.

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