School email: Are students using the educational tool?

Email has become an important part of life at McNicholas as its purpose is to assist students in their communication and studies.

Last school year, McNicholas provided every student with a school email, but a year and a half later, many students still aren’t using it to its full potential or even at all.

McNick utilizes email to communicate, send reminders of times of clubs, sports, and activities, inform students and faculty of important school related information and cut down on the amount of paper used. The time of announcements over the intercom has also been cut down, because the announcements are sent using the school email.

Teachers frequently use email to communicate with students. “I use my email to contact students frequently. For example, if my students have a test the following day they can email me questions,” Spanish teacher Kyle Jepson said. He also goes on to add that students are held more accountable for late work when they are absent because the student can just send an email.

“[Email] is a direct way of practicing formal language. Once in college students email professors, advisors, and employers quite often. Learning how to phrase an email while in high school will prepare students to enter the ‘adult’ world,” math teacher Stacy Hauser said.

A survey was sent to all students asking them about using their school email and only 17 students replied, 12 of which were sophomores and freshman. 10 of those students said they wouldn’t use their email nearly as much if they didn’t have a tablet.

“I check my email all the time throughout the day during school. If I didn’t have a tablet I would hardly check it,” sophomore Taylor Edwards said.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Schaefer holds the same views on the matter. “Last year, before I had my tablet, I checked my email once or twice a month. Now I check it almost every day,” Schaefer said.

Juniors and seniors do not have the tablet as a resource to them and is one of many reasons they don’t check their email.

“I don’t use my email as much because I don’t have a tablet and because I have a job, homework, and no time to use it as often as the freshmen and sophomores,” junior Alison Meineke said.

However, students should still try to check their email as much as possible, as it is not just a tool, but a responsibility they carry.

“Students who aren’t checking their email are in violation of school rules and are not meeting the expectations of our faculty and administration,” Director of Technology Mr. Andy Ey said.

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