Pros and cons of PE: How to choose the right class

Since McNicholas students can fulfill their two Physical Education credit requirement via in-school P.E., summer P.E., or online P.E., it is helpful for students to consider the pros and cons of each course.

In-School P.E.

The majority of students take at least one of their P.E. courses during the school year. This option saves money and gives students the opportunity to get to know their fellow classmates over the course of a semester.  However, there is always the possibility of having P.E. early in the morning, which is not desirable to most students.  “I had gym first bell, which was hard because I felt less presentable throughout the day after running around so much,” sophomore Melissa Scheidler said.

With the in-school option, students take two separate courses with different curriculums.  P.E. II includes more strenuous activities such as running and weight lifting. “In-school gym is good because you don’t have to pay extra money to take it, but in P.E. II you only get to play games once a week,” senior Craig Kaimer said.

Summer P.E.

Students have the option of taking a P.E. course over the summer at McNick that would fulfill the P.E. I or II requirement.  “I liked summer gym because it gave me room in my schedule for more electives during the school year,” sophomore Brianna Dowell-Howko said.  In addition, it gives students the chance to meet other McNicholas students that they do not usually have classes with.

Class starts at 7 a.m. and is only offered for one two-week period right after school lets out for the year.  There is a 30 student maximum and upperclassmen have priority  which can make it difficult to get into the class.  The 2012 summer P.E. class is already full and a waiting list has been started.

“Most students think that summer gym is an easy way to get a gym course out of the way, but we do a lot of activities throughout the day and it’s harder than most expect,” summer P.E. instructor Cheryl Heise said.

Online P.E.

Students can also participate in online P.E. courses offered by universities such as Brigham Young University and Butler Tech.  One of the benefits of taking this type of course is that students can complete their P.E. sessions on their own time.  However, students must find a reliable source, such as a teacher or guardian, who can confirm that they completed their fitness sessions.

“Online gym allows a lot of flexibility in my schedule because I can work on it whenever I can, and it gives me an extra semester to take another elective. The hardest part of online gym is just motivating yourself to do it, because you’re not forced to like you are when you take it in school,” senior Jen Foltz said.

McNicholas does not endorse any particular program and participation in all alternative credit programs has to be submitted and approved by Director of Academic Services and Enrollment Liz Ingram prior to enrolling.  Click here for more information.

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