Get to know the personalities behind the crowns, gowns, and whistles

At the 60th Annual Mardi Gras Pageant and Ball, 40 seniors were honored for their service to McNicholas, including Queen Kelsey Mueller, King John Sandmann, Maid of Honor Rachel Wadell, and Captain of the Ball Luke Eveler.  All four are well-known for their service to the McNicholas community, but the Milestone set out to learn more about the personalities of these members of the Mardi Gras royalty.


Kelsey Mueller

John Sandmann

Rachel Wadell

Luke Eveler

What   kind of music do you listen to? Country and 90’s music. I like all kinds, I don’t really have   a preference, except I really like Taylor Swift. Alternative and Christian. Anything that lays down a funkadelic   bass line.
What   chore do you hate doing? Putting the dishes away, because I   can’t reach. Doing the dishes, because it just   takes forever. I really don’t like vacuuming. It’s   way too noisy, and the cord never stretches far enough to reach the whole   room. I hate making my bed. No matter how   many times I am forced to do it, I will never understand the point of it.
Favorite   food? Cheesecake. I really like hamburgers. Chocolate. El Ranchito Burritos.
What do you do in your spare time? I   watch movies and TV. I play soccer and sleep.


Play my viola, read, and draw! I   enjoy bringing terrorists to justice by playing “Battlefield 3”   with my buddies on Xbox Live.
What was your favorite class at McNick?


8th   bell AP European History this year, because I like to hear all of Kirch’s   stories and laugh with [senior] Theresa [Schneider]. Definitely AP U.S. History my   sophomore year, because I liked the people in it and Kirch. Ceramics   is my favorite class this year, especially when the girl on the wheel next to   me splashes clay on my face. I love having a break during the day that   gives me time to relax and be creative. My favorite class at McNick was Mrs. Collins’ English III Honors class because it was full of my friends, and we had a great time acting out plays. Also, Mrs. C. plays an excellent witch in Macbeth.
What have you been most involved in at   McNick? Soccer   and Student Council. Service   Club for sure. Definitely   Cross Country and Track. I’ve   been most involved with the football program. It was a very memorable way to   spend my time here.
If   you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Probably   Germany, so I could try to retrace my ancestry.


Dubai,   because it seems like there is so much to do, and I would never get bored. I   would love to go to Hawaii to see volcanoes, the exotic plants, and go to the   beach.


I   would visitItaly  to see all of the famous architecture. Plus, I have always wanted to be   serenaded in a Venetian gondola.
Where are you deciding between for   college? I’m   going to the University of Cincinnati. I’ve   already signed with Wright State University to play soccer. I   am leaning towardsSaint Louis  University right now,   but I’m not 100% sure yet. I am also looking at Duquesne, Xavier, and Wheeling. I’m   still juggling several college choices, including Michigan, North Carolina,   Cincinnati, Case Western, and Pennsylvania
And what are you planning on studying?  Athletic   Training, because I want to be a physical therapist so I don’t have to leave   sports. Business   or Marketing. I’m   planning on studying physical therapy in college, so that I can combine cross   country and science in a way to help people overcome injuries. I’m   going to study finance in college, so I hope to someday help a company or   organization manage its money as a financial analyst, or at least learn how   to work the stock market.


What is your biggest fear?  Being   alone, losing my family, and not being successful.


Clowns,   they’re creepy. I   am terribly afraid of big changes. I like things to remain pretty consistent,   and I don’t enjoy making big decisions. I end up spending way too much time   worrying about them. I   am deathly afraid of insects. My mom still squashes the spiders in my house.
What was your favorite part of Mardi   Gras?  Dancing   in the flash mob, because no other court has ever done anything like that! Seeing   Hutch bust out the moves on the dance floor. Seeing   everybody all dressed up! Putting on the white gloves.

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