Milestone shares ways to make money, no job required

With schoolwork and extracurricular activities, students’ schedules are packed during the school year and many do not have time for a job.  However, there are numerous ways for students to use their talents to make money, with no job required.

Online surveys – Websites, such as, pay users in digital dollars to take online surveys, answer polls, and give feedback.  Digital dollars can be redeemed for merchandise ranging from electronics to clothing to gift cards.

Freelance writing – Another website that students can make money on is  This website pays individuals to write a one page website on a topic they are interested in and informed about.  Squidoo either accepts or rejects the pages writers submit to it based on accuracy and credibility.  The money comes from companies who pay for their ads to appear on the webpage.  While 50% of the money from the ads goes to the creators of Squidoo, 45% goes to the writer, and 5% goes to charity.

Garage sale – While this option requires a lot of work and organization, it can earn a lot of money.  Plus, it’s a motivation to clean out the closet and get extra storage space.  Sophomore Anna Schuh, who had a garage sale last summer, said, “I sold everything I wanted to sell, which was my goal.  It was well worth the effort because I got to clean out my room without throwing valuable things out,”

A successful garage sale requires a lot of planning in areas such as advertising, date, and set up.  If it is advertised at least a week early, it is more likely to attract more customers.  According to, it is helpful to use brightly colored posters stapled to telephone poles and near street intersections with details like when it will take place and arrows pointing in the direction of the location of the garage sale.  Also, plan it on a Saturday or Sunday because customers will probably be off work.  The garage sale should start early in the day to accommodate early risers.  Another element in a successful garage sale is an interesting set up of the items that are for sale.  Start displaying them on tables close to the street so those passing by will easily find the location of the garage sale.

Design and sell – The website allows people to design products like t-shirts and iPhone cases and sell them in their online shop.  Students can upload pictures, use symbols, or use text to design.  Each item that is designed has a base price which is marked up to make money.  Each time your product sells, Café Press receives the money made from the base price and the designer receives the amount of money they marked up.  Students can post a link to their newly designed products on Facebook and Twitter to encourage friends and family to make a purchase.

Carpentry – If a student is talented with a hammer and nails, they could build cornhole sets, shelves, or other fixtures to sell.    While selling these fixtures on websites such as is a good way to attract a wide variety of customers, an easier and quicker way to sell the fixtures is to advertise them locally.  Flyers can be put up at local churches and even stores, as long as the store gives permission to do so.

Tutoring – If someone has a special talent for a certain subject, tutoring can be a great way to make some cash after school.  They can offer their teaching skills to other high school students, or even middle school students.  “I liked tutoring because I liked being able to help people.  I loved seeing a certain concept ‘click’ for my students and knowing that I was a part of that,” sophomore Sarah Ruwe said.

Business cards can be made with information such as hours the tutor is available and what subjects they are prepared to teach.  While these cards are not difficult to carry around and pass out, another option for advertising would be an ad in a newspaper or on a local radio station.  This option is more costly, but very efficient.

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