Senioritis: Students suffer severely from a serious disease

Senioritis: A.K.A the excuse for seniors to be lazy in school and slack off for, well, their entire senior year. What’s the cause of this so-called disease that affects so many seniors across the country? There is no cause. If freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were seniors, they would use this “disease” as an excuse to be lazy too.

Many people see the Facebook statuses and Twitter tweets all over cyberspace—“Not doing my homework tonight…senioritis at its best,” “Skipping school tomorrow #senioritis #YOLO,” or better translated as “Not getting off my butt to write that one-page paper that was due two weeks ago, even though it would only take me ten minutes anyways #IHaveALameExcuse #senioritis.”

Soon enough, as contagious as the disease is, the senioritis begins to rub off on senior teachers everywhere, only making the epidemic worse than ever. From watching movies in class, to writing countless notes on the board, knowing that their students aren’t going to copy them anyways.

Hey, I mean, I don’t blame them. As long as their students are all graduating and not flunking out of class, it’s safe to say they’ve offered the best treatment possible.

The question that’s running through everyone’s mind though is, of course, what can I do to cure this dreadful illness? Unfortunately, teachers and parents everywhere have not found a cure for senioritis.  To support the research for this cause, visit

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