Students hunger for books during Reading Week

From April 23-27, McNicholas High School celebrated its annual reading week. The theme of the week was “Hunger for Books” from the best-selling trilogy The Hunger Games.

Each day throughout the week, the library and English classes hosted games, raffle drawings, and trivia contests for students. Students won prizes such as gift cards and posters. “I won a Chipotle gift card from answering questions on Shakespeare in class,” sophomore David Holmes said.

On Monday and Tuesday, students searched the school for pictures of survival items that they might find in the “cornucopia” from The Hunger Games.  Teachers also read adventure stories in each class that were connected to the pictures.  If the class had the survival item mentioned in the reading, they earned points each day.  At the end of the week, the English class with the most points won a Victors’ Cake to share.  Mrs. Mary Rudd’s 2nd bell English class was the winner of this contest.

On Wednesday, the English classes brought food to share that symbolized or represented different books. Mrs. Becky Riggs’ sophomore English classes brought in food from the novel A Lesson Before Dying, such as gumbo, rice, and cornbread. “It was neat and kind of fun to learn how to make something I’ve never even heard of before and even better that it turned out well and the class liked it,” sophomore Liz Wittwer said.

On Tuesday and Thursday, English classes walked across the street to Guardian Angels school and next door to Mt. Washington Presbyterian Preschool  to read to younger students. “I liked when we got to read to the kids because it was kind of fun to see their reactions to a simple thing like us reading a book,” sophomore Danny Byrne said.  Thursday evening was also the English Department’s Annual Celebration of Word and Song at the Kenwood Barnes and Noble at 6 p.m.  For nearly two hours, over 30 McNicholas students shared their original poetry and music with a full crowd of other students, parents, and friends.

Friday was deemed “Dress like a tribute” day where students could pay $1 to dress like a Hunger Games tribute or other character from the trilogy. The money collected was donated to the Rocket Relief fund.

“I’m glad the week was a success, and I’m happy some students had fun throughout the week,” Riggs said.

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