McNicholas discovers some of its “look-a-likes”

Like every high school, McNicholas has a few sets of twins- sophomores Abby and Maddie Mitchell, Katie and Sarah Cornell, juniors Matt and Sammy Gabbard, and seniors Matt and Ali Quitter. There are also many “look-a-likes,” that kid you see in the café sitting with a friend who looks exactly like him, or those kids that get mistaken by teachers for other students in the halls. And while Sammy’s actual twin is her brother Matt, students are more likely to mistake her with me, Anna Redington. Even her own twin has trouble telling us apart.

“Last year I ran up behind Anna, thinking she was Sammy. I was literally an inch away from grabbing both of her shoulders until she kind of turned around and gave me a weird look, and then I realized, she’s not my twin,” Matt said. As it turns out, Sammy and I are just one of the many pairs of “look-a-likes” at McNick. Sophomore Dylan Kirby has been mistaken for senior Daniel Cole while walking down the hall. “I literally get called D.Cole by a bunch of people ever since someone said we looked alike. I don’t mind it though. I think we look weirdly alike too, minus my braces and his glasses,” Kirby said.

Seniors Maggie Dames and Kim Kollsmith have been referred to as twins throughout their years at McNicholas, and have been also used as twins together on stage. In 2011’s musical Seussical, Dames and Kollsmith played the identical “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” characters. In McNick’s 2012 production of The Wizard of OZ, Dames was Kollsmith’s “stunt double” having to fly across the stage as Ms. Gulch on the bike while Kollsmith flew by on the broom as the Wicked Witch of the West during the tornado scene.

Some of the other student “look-a-likes” include junior Cody Smith and senior Seth Gerke, and seniors Drew Hall and Stephen Williams. View the picture slideshow to see the sets of “twins” side by side and see the resemblances.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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