Students evaluate McNicholas with survey-based report card

As the end of the fourth quarter gets closer, students have started anticipating report cards.  Before the grades are sent out, though, the Milestone Online decided to reverse the roles and survey students on how they would grade McNicholas. Instead of subjects like history and science, McNicholas was graded on its diversity of extracurricular activities and courses, friendliness, school spirit, and cleanliness.  Twenty-five students’ results from each grade level were averaged and made into McNicholas’ very own report card.  Although all of the grades were close, friendliness received the best score, while school spirit received the worst. Here are the final results:

McNicholas is dedicated to improving itself and is constantly making enhancements.  Hopefully the bathrooms in the main lobby will be renovated over the summer.  “We had someone come in to design it,” Principal Patty Beckert said.  “Right now, it has to be approved from the Finance Committee and Board.”  According to Beckert, if the renovations are approved, the bathrooms will have new fixtures, such as sinks and lighting.

Beckert believes that McNicholas does a good job of making improvements when they are required.  “We are definitely aware of our needs,” Beckert said.


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