Give the fight song a fighting chance

(video compliments of Barb GIlming)

“Cheer, cheer for McNicholas High…” For many current students, this opening line is the only part of the McNicholas Fight Song they know.  Not so long ago, almost every student knew the fight song, and sang it on a regular basis.

“I don’t think very many students know the fight song because we learn it as freshman and we never have to sing it again,” junior Kristen Rehl said. “I only know the first line and the ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ at the end.”

Today, students recognize the tune, but fail to see the importance of the words. They express the experience at McNick: how students are “bonded together” like a family. Students should know the fight song not only because it shows school spirit at games, but also because it brings the entire McNick community together.

Students don’t know the fight song because they are not exposed to it as much as they once were. It used to be sung at every pep rally, printed on posters in the classrooms, taught at Freshman Orientation, and cheered at games. This year at Freshman Orientation, the cheerleaders didn’t teach it because there was not enough time in the pep rally. Now, with fewer students knowing the words, it’s barely sung. The fight song is no longer a high priority.

Some teachers have noticed this decline, and are making efforts to change it. Religion teacher Sam Roflow took out his fight song poster from a few years ago to show his students. English teachers Julie Muething and Ashley Markesbery have started a sing-off between their classes every Friday so their students learn the fight song. Muething said the inspiration came from a memory of her years at McNick.

“There used to be a teacher in senior hall who made us sing the fight song every Friday,” she said. “So, that’s what we did.” She and Markesbery agreed it was something the students should know, so they put their own spin on an old tradition, in hope that a little competition would be motivation for their classes.

Markesbery, a graduate of Connor High School, said that knowing the school fight song is important for the students. “I still remember my fight song,” she said. “It’s something [the students] can stand up and sing together.”

The football team also wants to encourage students to sing the fight song. At the first home game on Aug. 25, the players sang in front of the fans after their victory and, according to senior Austin Ernst, they plan to continue at each home game.

As more students learn the words, they’ll find that the McNicholas Fight Song is a perfect expression of the McNick experience. The men and women of McNick are truly a family, and the time they spend together will be some of the best memories they’ll have. Their days at MHS will always be “numbered among the best.”

The McNicholas Fight Song

Cheer, cheer for McNicholas High

Bonded together, that is our cry

Never leave it just for one

Bonded together we get things done

Green and white are our colors true

We have no time to be sad or blue

For our days at MHS

Are numbered among the best.


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