Make the miles fly by on the Walk

video compliments of Mrs. Barb Gilming, Mr. David Sandmann, and Mrs. Stacey Berling.

The Walk is an important fundraiser for the school, as well as a day off of classes for the students. This year the school would like to raise at least $40,000, but if students can raise $75,000 they will receive a day off school.

There’s a lot of hype prior to the Walk such as pep rallies, funny videos, and collection days to keep track of the money that has been earned. While activities like these get students excited, some seem less than enthusiastic when the Walk actually comes around. Here are some ways students can entertain themselves during the seven mile walk:


  • A camera (or a phone with a camera)
  • An ipod
  • Walking shoes (7 miles is a long time!)
  • Some snacks or candy (for energy boost)
  • Excitement!

Mile 1: Photos are the bomb

It’s important to start off strong. Students should get together with their friends and get into a steady walking rhythm. While they’re starting off, they could grab a camera and snap some silly shots of themselves and their pals, and maybe even have a “weirdest face” contest. Not only is it hilarious when the pictures are taken, but students will also be able to laugh at them later. Challenge: Photo bomb someone else’s picture. This is a day just for fun, so why not?

Mile 2: I Spy a Rocket

As they’re leaving Beechmont, students will be heading into the neighborhoods: the perfect place for a good game of I-Spy. There are great subjects to guess about everywhere, including possible Halloween decorations.

Mile 3: Bring Your A Game

Alphabet Improv: this game may seem a little tricky, but it will keep the students entertained the whole mile. The idea is to start with one letter, for example “T.” The first person to go has to make up the first line of the conversation, and it must start with “T.” “The Walk is so much fun!” Then, the next person to go must start their line with the next letter of the alphabet. “Umbrellas aren’t necessary today because the weather is gorgeous!” After “Z”, they circle back around to “A.” The conversation will take a lot of random twists because of the letter they have to start with, and it will probably last the mile.

Mile 4: Walk the Walk, and Sing the Song

So by this point, students have been walking for a while and they might be thinking “It’s only mile four?” To help keep the enthusiasm up, students should make playlists of motivating songs prior to Walk Day. Suggestion for the four-mile-marker: Living on a Prayer (Oh, you’re half way there!).  Challenge: If students are brave enough, they could sing with their friends to their favorite song. The louder the better.

Mile 5: Make a Video, Maybe

Since students have their cameras from mile 1, they could make a fun video to one of their favorite songs, like Mr. Kyle Jepson and the faculty did in the video above. They could either lip-sync to their ipod, sing along, or sing acopela. Adding some dancing will make the video even more fun.  The student who brought in the least amount of Walk money has to be the star of the video.

Mile 6: Think on Your Feet

It’s the second-to-last mile. Students will need something to stay focused on, as they may be getting anxious to be done. The perfect game to focus on is Concentration. The game is played by picking a topic and the students take turns calling out words that go with the topic. For example, if the topic was foods, the first person might say pizza, and then someone else might say salad, and so on. If someone repeats a word or hesitates to answer, they’re out.  It helps with the timing to keep a beat, like clapping twice between each person’s turn. The game continues until everyone but one player gets out. The final player is the winner.

Mile 7: Launch to the Finish

Students will be on the home stretch! If students feel their energy lagging, they should pop a few pieces of candy (if they haven’t already eaten them all already) and increase their pace a little. As they get closer to school, they could even race their friends back. Make sure everyone stays on the side walk and out of the way of traffic before taking off. As soon as the school is visible, students should line up quickly so they don’t hold up their other classmates. The student who brought in the most walk money gets a 5 second head start and the first person to reach the nearest bench on the bus island wins. They could even raise the stakes on the competition, like loser buys ice cream after.

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