New Director of Educational Technology troubleshoots and gives tech tips

Some students will be lucky enough to never have to visit the help desk with tablet trouble. However, these students might miss out on meeting the new Director of Educational Technology, Ms. Katie Ritter. When a tablet breaks down, she is the person on the other end of the help desk, ready to fix it. 

Ritter’s job involves working “mainly with student tablets, but when teachers have a problem we help them too.” In addition to troubleshooting, Ritter helps students and teachers use the technology effectively. She implemented Tech Tips for Tuesdays, with phrases like “Before you close your tablet: Make sure you exit out of OneNote, so you don’t lose everything you wrote” and she creates tip-sheets on topics like using OneNote and conserving battery life.  Ritter also sends newsletters to teachers to help them learn about different technologies and web tools they can use in the classroom. 

Ritter is a Cincinnati local who went to Anderson High School. For college, she attended Northern Kentucky University as a member of the Delta Zeta sorority and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in social studies secondary education. Ritter is currently working on her Master’s Degree with a concentration in instructional computer technology. 

Before working at McNicholas, Ritter worked at NKU in the president’s office. She is currently a varsity cheerleading coach at Anderson and runs a blog with two other friends. 

Although this is her first hired position at McNicholas, Ritter spent time in 2010 at McNick as a student teacher for social studies teacher, Mr. Frank Lowden. Lowden said, “I finally got OneNote figured out because of her. I’ve been all over the place, and she’s a pro. She takes a difficult job and makes it look easy.” 

Ritter has had positive impressions of McNicholas so far and said, “It seems like for the students that no matter what personality or interest they have, there’s something for them to do and there’s an employee willing to help foster that with the student.” She added, “There’s a lot of school pride, from all aspects.”

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