The Milestone reviews movies: In theaters, new releases, and rentals

Countless people, especially teenagers, flock to the theatres each weekend to see the latest movies . Viewers leave the theater laughing, crying, or discussing how good the movie was. Unfortunately, some people also hurry out of the theater, complaining about an awful movie. To avoid wasting valuable time on a  movie that’s not worth the money, check out this movie review guide of the latest releases in both Redbox rentals and first-run theatres. 

Pitch Perfect

 The main character, Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, finds herself in a university acapella group struggling to beat their worst competition. One of the funniest characters is “Fat Amy,” played by Rebel Wilson, who provides comic relief.  This movie will keep you laughing, and the jokes will catch you off guard. Though the plot was a bit predictable at times; such as the typical chick flick movie plot – girl likes guy, girl doesn’t realize how lucky she is until she loses guy, girl eventually wins said guy back. For the most part, the actors are convincing, even though at times they are a bit cheesy, like with Beca’s stereotypical sulky teenager act around her father. Viewers will either love the music, or it will drive them crazy. The jokes are what makes this movie worth seeing and without them, the plot would be boring and unoriginal. 

Students can find the trailer on YouTube. 

Perks of Being a Wallflower

This movie is adapted from the book by Stephen Chobsky, and the general plot  is that the main character Charlie (Logan Lerman) is taken under the wing of seniors Sam (Emma Watson) and her step brother Patrick (Ezra Miller) as he tries to leave his past behind. There are plenty of flashbacks, and foreshadowing. Throughout the movie there are loose ends that viewers will gradually piece together until everything makes sense.  

This is no Pitch Perfect where you’re laughing at every other line, but it will make you think, and most students will probably be able to relate in some way.   It is a heartfelt movie that will leave viewers contemplating life in general.  Watson, who plays Sam, is very convincing as an American teenager. Movie goers will be more focused on what she is saying rather than comparing her to her Harry Potter character of Hermione Granger or thinking about her American accent. In regard to the adaptation from book to movie, junior Kristen Rehl, who has read the book and seen the movie, said, “It is very similar, except for a few minor changes.” This movie is worth seeing for people who are in the mood to see a genuine independent film. 

To watch the trailer click here

The Amazing Spider- Man

If you want to save money by skipping the theaters, rent The Amazing Spider- Man from any local Redbox beginning Nov. 9. In this version of Spider- Man, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is an orphan living with his aunt and uncle when he discovers some of his father’s top secret research papers. He finds the lab where his father works and ends up in this room with millions of tiny radioactive spiders. He gets bitten, and then becomes the Spider- Man everyone is familiar with. Through a series of events, Spider- Man ends up fighting the bad guy turned monster while the police force is working against him. The movie also stars Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, and Martin Sheen. 

It is yet another Spider- Man movie, and is good, as far as action movies go. Students who are fans of Spider-Man or any superhero will enjoy this one. However, some people may not like it compared to the original, even though it is likely to become a classic.  This movie is great for a cozy movie night at home. 

For more information on Redbox rentals click here

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