Winter Dance to be a non-date dance

The Winter Dance, which had previously been planned as a Sadie Hawkins dance, is now going to be a non-date dance. The dance will still take place on Dec. 8 from 8:00 to 11:00 pm., and tickets will be sold Monday, Dec. 3 through Friday, Dec. 7.

According to the 1960 edition of the McNicholas Student Newspaper, The Co-Ed, the first McNicholas Sadie Hawkins dance was in November of 1960, sponsored by the Girls Athletic Association. It was a true Sadies in that girls not only asked the boys, but were also expected to drive to the dance and pay for the evening. Some girls even bought their date corsages. In 2010, the Sadie Hawkins dance was replaced with the Winter Dance because of low attendance at previous Sadies dances. This year, the sophomore class in charge of planning the Winter Dance were hoping to bring Sadies back, but ultimately decided against it.

The dance committee made the decision to not make it a Sadies dance because they wanted freshmen to be able to attend. The McNicholas student handbook states that “freshmen may not attend dances with the exception of mixers and Mardi Gras.” If the winter dance is not a date dance, it is technically considered a mixer and freshman are allowed to go.

Mr. Kyle Jepson, the teacher moderator of the Winter Dance, said freshmen are probably not allowed to go to date dances because of their age.  “We don’t want to make freshmen feel pressured into dating that early,” Jepson said.

The sophomore class, who plans the Winter Dance, had to decide between keeping the Sadie Hawkins Dance and allowing freshmen to come. Anna Pierce, the head of the dance committee, said they decided it was more important to allow freshmen to go.

“I think it was so we could have more people at the dance, and because freshmen would be really excited to go since it’s their first dance,” Pierce said.

The committee chose Candyland as the theme, with semiformal dress, and the activities for the event include a piñata and a pie eating contest. There will also be a bake sale on Wednesday and Thursday of that week to kick off the sweet-tooth theme.

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