Rocket Shop sales up 68 percent

The Rocket Shop has always been the destination for McNicholas Spirit Wear, but this year it seems to have increased in popularity. The 2012 August to December sales are up 68% from 2011’s sales. In fact, the shop has almost sold as much in those five months as the PTSA expected it to sell for the entire year.

Head Coordinator of the Rocket Shop, Julie Dumont, said she’s very happy with the success this year and thought their incorporation of new kinds of items could be the reason for the increase in sales.

girls shirtsOne of the new types of items they incorporated were ladies-cut shirts. “I wanted to carry some styles that were specific to girls, and I wanted styles that came in an extra small size so the smaller girls had an option that fit them,” Dumont said.

Two of these shirts are the white football jersey and the three-quarter-sleeve raglan t-shirt. Dumont said that those have been the top seller of all the items in the shop.

Junior Kristen Rehl agreed that having the ladies shirts available in the smaller sizes was nice. “I usually need an extra small in clothes,” said Rehl. “I really like the football jersey because I could actually get one that fit me well.”

yellow stuffDumont has also started using yellow as a color for her designs, which is something the Rocket Shop has no typically done in years past. This year, there were two yellow apparel items, the tie-dye t-shirt and the yellow hoodie.

“I wanted to have a different color for variety,” Dumont said. “I thought the yellow would be more popular because it’s something new.”

Junior Madison Hartwell said she liked the yellow sweatshirt for that reason. “I really liked it because it’s different from the sweatshirts they usually sold,” said Hartwell. “Plus I love that color yellow.”

Dumont said one of their biggest selling times is around Christmas. The Rocket Shop recently received new items for the winter season that she thinks will be great gifts for students this year.

The newest item the Rocket Shop has received is the McNicholas uniform approved legging. It is black with the McNicholas name and logo screen-printed on the left leg. Leggings will go on sale Friday, Dec. 7.

Another new item that has already become popular is the fleece jacket. It is a full zip rather than a quarter zip, and is a heavy weight fleece. The jackets have been approved for uniform wear, and will keep students warm as the weather turns colder.  Also new for the holidays are the black v-neck and the flannel pants.

new stuff 3

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