Academic Team remains undefeated

002The McNicholas Reserve 1 Academic Team remains undefeated after their close match against Chaminade-Julienne.

The Reserve 1 team is made up of juniors Grace Hiltz, Margaret, Beck, Andrew Pearson, and J. Michael Massie. With another win under their belt, the team continues to maintain an undefeated record since last year’s season, when they were all on the Reserve 2 team together and were number one in their division.

“Those four just work really well together,” said Mrs. Julie Muething, one of the Academic Team coaches. “They complement each other on all of the subjects.”

Muething explained that each team member is especially good at a different subject, so together they cover all the topics well. Hiltz agreed that they all have their areas of expertise.

“Andrew knows all sorts of ancient history, Latin, and geography. Michael knows all American history and government. Margaret’s good at literature, and I’m good at fine arts, math, and science,” Hiltz said. “We do well together because we’re so balanced.”

Michelle Semancik, who coaches with Muething, said the team also benefits because there’s only four of them. “It’s almost beneficial that they’re a small team because they don’t sub in and out. They’re working together as a unit all the time.”

The Reserve 1 team was the only McNicholas team to beat Chaminade-Julienne, which Muething says is their toughest competitor. The team and the coaches were really excited about the win.

“It was a really intense match and the score was really close the whole time,” Beck said. “It was a good feeling to pull out the win in the end. I was really proud of my teammates since CJ is a really tough team.”

The Varsity Academic Team came in third at the Greater Cincinnati Academic League Fall Tournament, and the Reserve 2 team is currently first in their division.

All three teams will have their next match after Christmas Break on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

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