PTSA sponsors parent-student events



The Father-Son Breakfast will take place on Sunday, Feb. 3 at 10 a.m. in the McNicholas cafeteria. PTSA sponsors this event, along with the Mother-Daughter Night Out, the Father-Daughter Dance, and the Mom Prom, to give parents and students an opportunity to have fun together.

“The main goal is to create situations where the students can enjoy a night out with their parents,” said Gloria Ann Castleman, the president of the PTSA. “Much time and energy is put into organizing the events, and I believe the current events appeal to most students.”

In a survey of the entire student body, approximately 35 percent of the girls who responded said they attended the Mother-Daughter Night Out or the Father-Daughter Dance. Most of the students who did not attend said they already had plans for that night or they would rather do a different type of event. Multiple students said they’d rather do something casual rather than a formal, organized event. Still, most people when asked about the events said they enjoyed them if they attended.

“I enjoyed the Father-Daughter Dance because I got to spend time with my dad,” said junior Kate Zurovchak. “I kind of wish it was just a dinner, though, because my dad and I don’t really like to dance. We do more athletic things together, and sometimes dancing can be awkward.”

Junior Paxton Knight said he does a lot of sports-related things with his dad as well. “I really liked the brunch, and I liked spending time with my dad,” Knight said. “I think it would also be cool if they had a father-son sports night, where we could all go to a football game together or something.”

This is the first year that the mother-daughter event has been an event with a desert bar and games. While it was not as well attended as it has been in the past, the evening, casual set-up seemed to be more popular. “I like the mother-daughter events because it’s a nice way to spend time with my mom,” said junior Kristen Rehl. “It was different having it in the evening, but I liked that it was more casual.” Castleman said part of the reason attendance may have been down was because they didn’t send out flyers for the event this year.

According to the survey, the Mom Prom was the most attended of the events. Junior Scott Frenzel said he and his mom go every year and always have a great time. “My mom really loves going to it,” Frenzel said, “and it’s great to hang out with my mom in such a fun atmosphere.”

Click here for more information about and to make reservations for the Father-Son Breakfast.

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