McNicholas students to perform Acts of God

acts of godThe McNicholas Theater students will be starring in the winter play, Acts of God, by Mark Rigney on Thursday, Jan. 31 at 8 p.m. and Friday, Feb. 1 and Saturday, Feb. 2 at 7:30 p.m.

The play focuses on 12 kids from a small town that has just been devastated by a tornado. It follows the individual stories of each character as they try to heal and rebuild their lives.

Theater Director Teresa De Zarn said she is really excited about this show. “It’s an ensemble piece, so all twelve characters are equal,” De Zarn said. “I chose this show so we could highlight a lot of different talents at one time.”

The cast includes freshman Drue Glaser, sophomores Max Bartel, Katie Farr, and Lauren Andrews, juniors Scott Frenzel, Adam Dill, Mary Ingram, and Kaitlyn Schaefer, and seniors Drew Timmons, Danielle Lynd, Courtney Dunn, and Matt Ketchum. Senior Matt Gabbard is the Assistant Director and does the voice of Steve the Weather Man.

“My favorite part of the show would probably be the fact that it’s an ensemble cast and everyone in it is the lead. There is no main character,” said Farr. She plays the poorest character Toni, who loses her best friend, her dog, in the tornado. “I want to see what people think about it because it is so different than anything McNick has done.”

Frenzel is also looking forward to see what the audience thinks. He plays Jared, a rock ‘n roll lover who’s most prized possession is a Led Zepplin concert T-shirt.  He provides some comic relief in the show. “I’m really excited to see the audience’s reactions. Some parts are really funny and people will laugh, and others are really sad. I think the audience is going to enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions we take them on,” said Frenzel. “I’ve never done a drama before so I’m pumped for that!

For the set of this show, De Zarn wanted to have a storm as the backdrop. With the help of art teacher Willy Corbett, she ran an art contest for students to design the backdrop.

002“Mr. Corbett had the students paint a storm as part of their exam,” De Zarn said. “The winner, Lauren Scott, won a cash prize and her painting is the backdrop for the show.”

Scott, a senior, was very excited about her painting being chosen.

“I was really happy. I put a lot of work into it because theater means a lot to me,” Scott said. “I was surprised because there are so many other talented artists.”

Tickets to the show will go on sale two weeks prior to opening night. The cost is $8 for students and $10 for adults.

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