McNicholas students should stop complaining about lanyards

The policy that students must wear lanyards is not a new one, but since Christmas break, it is being followed more strictly. Teachers are being asked to do uniform checks over the morning announcements, and more students are being written up if they aren’t wearing their lanyards. The crackdown has caused a lot of grumbling among students.

Student moderator Gerard Kissel said that the crackdown was mostly for safety purposes. “What brought it all back up again was the shooting in Connecticut, ” Kissel said. He explained that if there ever is an emergency where students have to evacuate the building, the lanyards make it much easier to place missing students. It is also important for the disciplinary and security purposes because “teachers in this building don’t know everyone,” Kissel said.

Of course, a threat like the shooting in Connecticut is highly unlikely. On the other hand, the teachers at Sandy Hooks thought a shooting at their school was highly unlikely too. Yet it happened. Nothing is impossible, and it is important to be prepared in the event that a dangerous situation does occur.

Kissel said he thinks students complain about the lanyards because they don’t see their purpose. “Security is not at the forefront of teenagers’ minds,” Kissel said. “If the cards were used for more things, it would be less of an issue. It’s just not something that they use a lot.”

So students: Yes, the lanyards can be annoying. Yes, it’s not likely there will ever be a serious safety threat where they’re necessary. Let’s hope there never is. Still, is it really that bad to wear the lanyards if they may improve the safety of the school? Isn’t that a small price to pay to keep McNicholas and all the people in it as safe as possible?

Stop complaining about the lanyards. There may come a day when you’ll be thankful you had yours on.

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