McNick plans for Catholic Schools Week

During the week of Jan. 27, McNicholas will join Catholic schools around the country to celebrate the 39th annual Catholic Schools Week.

McNicholas will begin the week with a visit from Archbishop Schnurr. Schnurr will host his annual videoconference with students from across the Archdiocese in the McNicholas library at 9:30 a.m.

“I think the Archbishop enjoys this event because it’s a great chance for him to connect with high school students,” Director of Campus Ministry Jeffry Huchinson-Smyth said. “I think it is similar to the experience he had when he organized a World Youth Day years ago. Young people weren’t afraid to question him and ask challenging theological questions.”

The week will culminate with Penny Day where students get time off of class in exchange for bringing in coin donations to support Catholic schools. “This is a unique and proud tradition with McNicholas High School,” Service Club moderator Sam Roflow said. “Over the years we have collected over $80,000 for those struggling to receive a Catholic education.”

Throughout the week, Director of Communications Angie Noble will host contests centered around the iChoose McNicholas theme:

• Sticker Contest Cars sporting the iChoose McNicholas stickers in the McNicholas parking lots will randomly be selected for prizes.
• Writing Contest Students have 100 words or less to say why they choose McNick and/or a Catholic education.
• Photo Contest Photos representing the spirit of McNicholas will be posted in the school newsletter and on the McNick Facebook page.

“I just wanted to contribute to all the great things the school already has planned,” Noble said. “I thought these competitions would be a good way to engage students and also to find ways to showcase McNick.”

Other events for the week include:

• Tuesday, Jan. 29: McNick students will join community members for a Catholic Schools Week Mass held at St. Peter in Chains.
• Wednesday, Jan. 30: McNick will hold an all-school mass at Guardian Angels. Faculty and staff will receive their “years of service” awards after mass.
• Thursday, Jan.31: The Science Department will host its annual Science Fair competition, and there will be a Band Concert performed with local elementary band students in the main gym at 7 p.m.
• Friday, Feb.1: McNick will hold its annual Blood Drive in which students can sign up to donate blood to the Hoxworth Blood Center.

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