Students bond with alumni parents over shared memories

For high school students, it can be frustrating when parents hover and constantly ask questions about what is going on at school. Some students avoid the questions, not wanting to explain McNicholas traditions. However, some students don’t have to worry about this; their parents attended McNicholas when they were younger so they understand events such as Mardi Gras and the Boom Chicka Boom cheer. Their parents once walked the halls that they stroll through each day.

Senior Kathryn Scheidler’s mother Renee (Frey) graduated from McNicholas in 1982 and her father John graduated from McNicholas in 1981. “It’s easier to talk to my parents about school because they know where everything is and exactly what I am talking about.”

While Kathryn sometimes thinks that it is odd that she has sat in the same classrooms as her parents, she appreciates sharing the connection with her parents. “Mr. Norman taught both of my parents and asked me on my first day of freshman year if John Scheidler was my dad.”

Renee is pleased to see her children attend her alma mater. “We enjoy watching our children experiencing the same traditional Catholic education that we did,” she said. “It is fun to see her enjoying the same traditions that we enjoyed, and I believe she has an even better opportunity through expanded advanced curriculum and sports’ facilities.”

Sophomore Samantha Mueller’s mother Patti (Ehemann) attended McNicholas and graduated in 1980. All four of Patti’s children attended McNicholas. They enjoy talking about their memories from McNicholas and bond over shared memories. “[McNicholas] has been our home away from home,” Patti said. “We treasure the memories that we all share and can talk about.”

Samantha and Patti agree that their most memorable McNicholas experience was playing in the women’s alumni soccer game with each other. “We all share a common theme; once a Rocket, always a Rocket,” Samantha said.

Junior Laura Garrison enjoys talking about McNicholas traditions, such as Mardi Gras and coming back to the convent steps after a football game for the Boom Chicka Boom cheer, with her mother Tracey (Seibert), who graduated from McNicholas in 1986. “My mom talks about the memories that she made here all the time and she loves that I go to school with some of her classmates’ kids,” Laura said. “I think it is really cool that at some point my mom was doing the exact same thing that I am doing now.”

Stephanie (Siemers) Bloemer, mother of sophomore Emily Bloemer and junior Mitchell Bloemer, graduated from McNicholas in 1977. “Since I have kids in the musicals and I was in all four of my musicals, we definitely share those conversations,” Stephanie said.

The Bloemer Family occasionally looks through old yearbooks together and has fun finding parents and friends. “My kids all wanted to go to McNick with no urging from me. I think we are just a McNick family through and through.” Stephanie said.

Alumni Aaron Vennemeyer, Class of 2012, and his father John, Class of 1977, both ran track and participated in the spring musical at McNicholas. “Sharing these memories absolutely brought us closer. These activities were another characteristic that we had in common that we could reminisce and laugh about together,” Aaron said. “While it is a bit odd to think of my dad at a high school age doing the same things I did, it’s great to have that bonding link that we share.”

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