McNicholas students to perform Grease for Spring Musical

McNicholas students will be performing Grease for the 2013 spring musical on Fri., April 19 and Sat., April 20 at 7:30 p.m. and Sun., April 21 at 2 p.m.

 Grease is a 1972 musical written by Jim Jacob and Warren Casey that got its start on Broadway. It was adapted into a movie in 1978 starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. The McNicholas cast will be using the high school adaptation. The play focuses on the high school experience of ten main characters, especially their complicated relationships. There are a few differences in both the music and the plot in the high school adaptation, but Director Teresa De Zarn said she will try her best to stay true to the story the audience knows.

“[The high school version] still has the same overall excitement and effect,” De Zarn said. “I will still use as much of the regular script as I can. A few of the songs are different, but we bought special rights to get ‘You’re The One That I Want.’ We were very lucky to get it.”

Auditions for the play started on Feb. 3, and the cast began rehearsal six days later. De Zarn said they had a huge turn out with auditions, and she wanted to give everybody the opportunity to participate.

“We’re doing something rather unique this year,” De Zarn said. “We wanted to get everybody on stage, so are having a chorus and an ensemble.” The ensemble and chorus will split the singing parts, which include some familiar songs from the Broadway play, some new songs specifically for the high school version, and a medley of 1950s songs as an introduction. With these two groups, the dancers, and the featured characters, the cast includes about 70 people. Now that rehearsals are in full swing, the cast is already getting really excited for the show.

Senior Matt Gabbard plays Danny, a popular student with a bit of bad boy reputation. Gabbard said he’s looking forward to the show and taking on a serious character like Danny. “I like this show because I like singing songs everybody knows and being challenged to play this type of character. I’m especially looking forward to the ‘Summer Nights’ scene.”

Junior Kaitlyn Schaefer plays Sandy, a somewhat shy girl who has just moved from Australia. Schaefer said her favorite part of Musical is just the experience. “I really enjoy getting to work with the other members of the cast and love how we become a big family throughout the rehearsal process. It’s the best!”

The full cast includes:

Featured Characters:

Sandy: Kaitlyn Schaefer

Danny: Matt Gabbard

Rizzo: Rachele DeLuca

Kenickie: Max Bartel

Frenchy: Courtney Dunne

Doody: Chris Wells

Marty: Anna Redington

Roger: Brandon Stout

Jan: Mary Ingram

Eugene: Ben Schmidt

Cha-Cha: Jessica Frey

Vince: Mark Boehm

Johnny Casino: Scott Frenzel

Miss Lynch: Christi Swing

Teen Angel: Adam Dill

Blanche: Katie Farr

Patty/Featured Radio Singer: Jenna Zicka

Sonny: Mitch Bloemer

Male Jock: Matt DeLuca

Mitch, Male soloist: David Holmes

Featured Ensemble: Jordan Musselman, Kyle Timmons, Augustine Huffman, Trevor Lynd, Steven Sinclair, Drew Timmons, Nick Emig, Matt Ketchum, Matt DeLuca, Liz Coffey, Kayla Woods, Drue Glaser, Molly Kidwell, Caroline Jorden, Grace Hiltz, Allie O’Keefe, Catherine Adams, Emma Smith, Megan Mottola, Samantha Noland.

Dancers: Emma Kapp, Katie Weiler, Abby Weiler, Emily Fortin, T’Chanie Smith.

Chorus: Danielle Lynd, Woojin Kong, Alex Sharkey, Brianna Dowell-Howko, Melissa Sheidler, Ellie Tierney, Sarah Emig, Lauren Andrews, Michelle Rowekamp, Alex Gerome, Lauren Dundon, Sarah Haas, Kim Andrew, Meghan Baker, Laura Garrison, Elizabeth Rumple, Maddie Buhr, Devin Carmosino, Rebecca Evans, Sarah Shook, Madison Espelage, Samantha Daoud, Whitney Taylor, Maia Forman.

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