March Madness to come to the McNicholas Library

get your head in the gameIn honor of the NCAA Basketball Championships, the McNicholas Library will be hosting a March Madness Tournament for books starting Wednesday, March 13.

Librarian Anne Jones created a bracket of 32 books which will go head to head in a five round tournament to determine the best book at the McNicholas Library. Students will vote for the winners of each match-up, and for every round a student participates in, his or her name will be entered into a drawing for prizes.  Jones hopes it will be a fun event that students can get excited about.

“We’re always looking for ways to get students excited about reading, and we know March Madness excites everyone,” Jones said. “It’s a fun way to incorporate something they already have excitement about and throw books in there.”

The bracket has been divided into four categories: Popular Teen Series, Young Adult Literature, Summer Reading Choices, and Required Reading for English Class. Students will be able to choose their favorite in each match-up, and the Barnes & Noble synopsis of each book is hyperlinked on the bracket so students can read the summaries of books they aren’t familiar with. To make voting easy, Jones created an online form that is convenient for students, and the English teachers are encouraged to allow students time to vote in class.

Tim Monahan, the McNicholas Varsity Basketball Coach, is the official Library March Madness spokesperson. He is already rooting for one book for the win. “I’m going to have to go with Hoops, and you know why,” Monahan said.

Jones thinks one book already has the championship in the bag. “My personal favorite is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, but the clear front runner is The Hunger Games because it’s so popular right now.  It is the top seed in the teen series division.”

Just like in the NCAA, the bracket is seeded to pit the top competitors against the weaker ones. In the library bracket, the teams are seeded according to circulation statistics.

Student can click here to access the online form to vote in the first round of the tournament and be eligible for prizes. Students can start voting now to help make this March Madness for books a slam-dunk.

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