Summer Lobby Renovations to Begin over Vacation

While students are enjoying their lazy days of summer, construction will be underway for a newly renovated main lobby at McNicholas High School.  Upcoming changes include the removal and reconstruction of the trophy cases and the possibility of additional seating for student and faculty use.


“We hope that by upgrading the appearance of the school’s main lobby, we’ll be able to express our school spirit in a way that is more inviting to all who enter here,” Principal Patty Beckert said.


Starting over spring break, the current tile floors in the lobby restroom will be removed, as will the asbestos that lies beneath.  For the remainder of the school year, students can expect to see plain concrete floor, which will last until summer vacation, when the remainder of the restroom remodels will be completed.  Later this June, the renovation committee plans to see the bulk of the construction and demolition take place.  The current trophy cases will be torn down, and the committee hopes to add a new lounge area in the place of the currently empty lobby area.


“I’m very excited about the possibility of new seating arrangements,” Beckert said.  “I think students will feel more at home once they’re able to sit down and relax in the lobby before or after school.”


Though the plans are currently under revision, a strategic planning sub-committee also hopes to bring a more Catholic theme into the lobby.  Because of its prime location in the school building, Beckert believes that current and prospective students alike will feel welcome the moment they walk through the doors.


“The lobby is the ideal place for McNicholas to express its Catholic values,” Beckert said.  “It’s the first place that people see when they walk into the school, and we want to make sure that everyone who enters feels a more welcoming, inviting atmosphere.”


Students who have recently heard about the renovations are already excited to have a new place to relax and socialize.


“I think that by adding a new lounge-like area, students will have a better place to hang out after school,” sophomore Ericka Kaimer said.  “And by showcasing our Catholic values in the lobby, parents who visit the school for the first time will realize how strongly McNick treasures its Catholic faith.”


At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, students and faculty alike will have a new space to demonstrate their school spirit and Catholic faith.


“I for one am very excited for the updates as McNicholas is such a wonderful school; the lobby should exhibit all the positive energy and pride the Rockets possess,” PTSA President Gloria Anne Castleman said.  “No doubt the students will be pleased as it is often a gathering place after school and should reflect the spirit of the McNick community.”


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