McNick holds first home track meet

DSC_0003On Tuesday, April  9, McNicholas held its first home track meet on the Penn Station Stadium track. The tri-meet was against Elder and Finneytown, with the McNick girls taking first place and the boys’ team placing second. Although the meet was smaller than a typical invitational, junior track athlete Connnor Nelson said it was still a special experience.

“Through the years I’ve always thought it would be really cool to have a meet at home,” Nelson said. “There’s something different about having a sport at your own school- there’s more energy, more fans, and more spirit. I know this wasn’t our biggest meet, but it still got me really excited and I’m looking forward to hosting an invitational.”

Track athletes said they also enjoyed having a home meet because it allowed them to connect with other McNick athletes in the Paradise Athletic Complex.

“Everything definitely felt more alive,” senior track athlete Kate Gorman sad. “I really liked how there was also a baseball game going on and there were so many students hanging out to support both McNick teams. I really felt like it was a school-wide thing that people were excited about.”

Since the meet was the first on the track, every runner had the unique opportunity to hold the “track record” for their events by placing first. The girls’ team claimed 7 individual records and 4 relay records, and the boys’ team earned 5 individual records. The team also had a chance to earn or improve Penn Station Stadium Track records during a second home meet on Saturday, April 13.  Currently, the following track records are still standing:


  • High Jump- Blaise Harpring (5’ 4”)
  • 800- Tanner Cardone (2:19.5)
  • 200- Jonathan Wenzel (23.7)


  • Long Jump- Megan Schaefer (14’ 7.5”)
  • Pole Vault- Amy Humphries (7’ 6”)
  • 4×800 relay- Beth Simmons, Michelle Hollenkamp, Maria Clark, Megan Simmons (10:45.0)
  • 4×200 relay- Kate Gorman Hannah Wagner, Ericka Kaimer, Megan Schaefer (1:52.9)
  • 1600 run- Maria Clark (5:46.6)
  • 4×100 relay- Malia Smith, Hannah Wagner, Kate Gorman, Megan Schaefer (52.8)
  • 300 hurdles- Maddie Scott (50.4)
  • 3200 run- Beth Simmons (13:42.6)
  • 4×400 relay- Maria Clark, Olivia Fitzpatrick, Maddie Scott, Megan Simmons (4:28.6)

“We have practiced really hard and put a lot of effort in on that track, so it’s really rewarding to see our work pay off on that same track and to know I’ll always be a part of its history,” senior track athlete Megan Simmons said.

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